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Chapter 158.1 - Turning a Rotten Thing into Something Amazing

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 158.1: Turning a Rotten Thing into Something Amazing

    A corner of Qing Yu’s mouth twitched. “What is it?”

    [What are they trying to say with their eyes…..]

    “Qing Yu, the inner circle’s first ranked Senior Feng looks so breathtaking!” Yan Xi Wu was a classic dolt easily infatuated with good looks, and regardless of whether it was a man or woman, she just had no resistance against them.

    Mu Lai was just looking thoughtfully at that retreating back gradually growing further, her fingers clasped around her chin. “Why do I feel that Feng Tian Hen is exceptionally concerned about you?”

    Qing Yu could not help but feel mournful when she heard that. “It’s just an identity badge. Aren’t you thinking too much about it?”

    Ming Yi Yi had been staring at the badge for a good while before she said all of a sudden: “Throughout the entire Faint Mist Sect, it seems like only Senior Feng has a piece that looks exactly the same, making your identity badge a pair with his.”

    The young girl’s highly candid words tumbled out from her mouth just like that which caused the gazes of the other girls to grow more mischievous, like they thought that Qing Yu was hiding some unspeakable secret with Feng Tian Hen.

    Qing Yu immediately felt her headache worsening. She looked at the jade badge at her hip like she was looking at some malevolent and ferocious monster.

    She then noticed the cold and aloof Yan Ning Luo walking past beside her and the look the woman gave her just before she left was one tinged with unprovoked scorn and derision.

    Qing Yu immediately had the urge to want to tear that jade token off her and to smash it right onto Feng Tian Hen’s face.

    [Did that guy do that on purpose?]

    [Was it because she embarrassed him on the day of the recruitment trials and he bore a grudge against her, so he had come up with this big show here today right before the countless pairs of eyes here today?]

    After today, everyone in the Faint Mist Sect would surely think that there was some level of intimacy in her relationship with Feng Tian Hen.

    Qing Yu clenched her jaws tightly together. [What a shameless and despicable man!]

    Yan Xi Ruo had always been more reserved and she did not join in with the teasing. Instead, her brows were slightly furrowed as she said in a serious tone: “I feel that the man is not someone that is easy to deal with and you must be careful around him.You must not go against him openly.”

    Hadn’t his actions here today caused Qing Yu to gain many enemies? There would surely be many disciples green with jealousy who would come find trouble with Qing Yu in future. Being closely linked to the first ranked disciple of the inner circle was not as great as it seemed on the surface.

    Hearing those words that were said out of concern for her, Qing Yu nodded her head with a smile. “I will be careful. Thanks Second Sis”

    Yan Xi Ruo was taken aback, her eyes a little strange as she looked at Qing Yu.

    [Did she just call her….. Second Sis?]

    She had never thought that they would be able to get along on such amicable terms. Qing Yu had been so weak and timid in the past and although Yan Xi Ruo had not really detested the girl, it couldn’t really be considered as liking her as well.

    But she had suddenly changed to seemingly become a totally different person, her entire being exuding with such blinding light that people could not take their eyes off of, unable to help themselves but to follow in her footsteps.