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Chapter 158.2 - Turning a Rotten Thing into Something Amazing

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 158.2: Turning a Rotten Thing into Something Amazing

    By now, Yan Xi Ruo greatly admired her, and she had not expected that Qing Yu would address her as Second Sis despite the things that had happened in the past.

    That form of address which sounded so intimate made her feel like they were sisters with absolutely no feelings of estrangement.

    The expression on her face immediately softened quite a bit.

    Qing Yu thought nothing of it but Yan Xi Wu was immediately blustering as she wailed: “You….. You called her Second Sis? I don’t care! Then you have to call me Third Sis as well!”

    Seeing how greatly skilled Qing Yu had now become, and that she was her younger sister, just the thought of that made her feel that it was something she could brag about!

    But Qing Yu merely looked at her with a profound gaze, seemingly refusing her request.

    Yan Xi Wu’s face immediately turned mournful. Seems like she had committed too many foolish deeds and her younger sister did not have that good an impression of her.

    Everything that was happening here was being carefully scrutinized by the Lightning Blaze Unicorn, a spy hidden amongst the crowd.

    Although he did not fully understand confusing and winding ways of humans, but there was one thing he had seen clearly. [Why would that man with ill intentions need to give such a young lady a gift? Was he trying to hook up with the little young lady! ?]

    [The young lady looks so naive and innocent. What is he going to do if she falls for it?]

    [This is a serious matter. He must inform the Lord about this. He is afterall highly responsible.]

    But the Lightning Blaze Unicorn was set to fail this time. He immediately remembered that Luo Jun Yao had just said a couple of days ago that he was leaving to go take care of some business, and would not be in the Gathered Cloud Loft. Just when he was all ready to leave, he coincidentally bumped into Bai Zhi Yan.

    Bai Zhi Yan was naturally aware that the Lightning Blaze Unicorn had been assigned the role of being a spy and he immediately knew why the man had come here. Bai Zhi Yan draped his arm around his shoulders and brought him upstairs. “What, you came here to snitch? Has the lass gotten herself in trouble again?”

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s face was befuddled and he looked at Bai Zhi Yan with a slightly displeased look. “The young lady has been very good. Why would she get herself in trouble?”

    [Ha! He has merely eaten one rabbit from her and he is being so protective of her already, not allowing him to say anything bad about her. Does not bite the hand that feeds indeed. Has the Lightning Blaze Unicorn forgotten he was his benefactor that saved his life?]

    Bai Zhi Yan thought to himself and then went on to say: “Alright then. She’s being very good and has not gotten into any trouble. So why have you come here then?”

    Remembering the purpose of his visit the Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s expression grew grave and concerned as he looked at Bai Zhi Yan seriously. Bai Zhi Yan’s face darkened as his heart sank and he could not help but ask: “What is wrong now? Has the little lass met with danger or has she gotten hurt? !”

    Although Qing Yu’s words really drove him up the wall at times, but Bai Zhi Yan was filled with admiration for the intelligent and highly capable little lass, so he was naturally highly concerned about her. Thinking that something might have happened to her, he immediately became anxious.

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn looked like he did not how to put it into words as he stood there with his brows deeply furrowed for a good while.

    Bai Zhi Yan became even more flustered. “What exactly happened! ? At least say something for Heavens’ sake!”