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Chapter 158.4 - Turning a Rotten Thing into Something Amazing

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 158.4: Turning a Rotten Thing into Something Amazing

    Qing Yu was a little curious and she took a couple of steps closer. She then came to hear the overbearing doll faced young girl saying in a nasal voice: “Little Junior had better not go near that fella. Be careful he does not turn you into something strange or the Chief will surely blame all of us.”

    “Something strange?” Qing Yu raised an eyebrow. “What does that mean?”

    Another tall and lanky youth who had seen Qing Yu before then opened his mouth to explain. “He has a strange and unique ability to turn people into all kinds of things, like wood or stone for example, or into an animal. He is even able to give his creations a soul, which is just so demonic, so all of us usually do not go close to him.”

    “I saw some trees that were alive when I first came here. Were those one of his creations?” Qing Yu asked with her eyes shining brightly.

    “That’s right! Those demonic monsters are always roaming everywhere all the time and we have gotten used to it.”. The tall and lanky disciple replied. But one thing befuddled him. [Why does the expression on the young lady’s face look so….. excited?]

    Qing Yu completely disregarded the look on the disciple’s face and went on to approach the quiet little boy. She went on to say in an easy and jovial voice: “I had not thought that I would see a Soul Binder in the flesh in this place. You’re really good at it!”

    Never expecting that she would be able to immediately point out his profession with the first words that she said to him, the young boy lifted his head up in surprise, to look into the young lady’s exquisitely beautiful face, before quickly lowering his head back down.

    But that action of his had allowed Qing Yu to see the mark that filled the left side of the young boy’s face. It was a strange creature with eight waving tentacle arms that looked like an octopus, but had the unique head of a dragon.

    That was the mark that Soul Binders were born with which was a symbol of the Soul Bound Beast he possessed. The ability was as rare as Midas’ Touch, giving shape to the formless, that could even exchange the souls between humans and spirit beasts, a heaven defying profession that could reap completely unexpected results.

    She just could not fathom why the youth who possessed such a heaven defying ability would be so quiet and withdrawn, and even looked like he had an inferiority complex.

    Was it because of the mark on his face?

    But the more the youth tried to avoid her gaze, the more Qing Yu did not want to let him go. In the end, for the first ever time over the past several years, a hoarse and raspy voice spoke a few highly precious words.

    “I look so hideous. Aren’t you afraid of me?”

    The jaws of the others from the Deviant Department at the side almost dropped their jaws to the ground. [Did…… Did the scary little mute just speak? ? ]

    [The new little junior is just incredible! All kinds of impossible things are happening to her here! ?]