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Chapter 159.1 - Winning Over the Little Boy

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Faced with the youth’s large limpid black eyes, it was seen that they still showed a hint of hesitation and timidity.

    Qing Yu smiled gently and said: “What is there to be afraid of? You are much better looking than most people. The mark on you is a symbol of the spirit power you are born with, so you should be proud of it instead!”

    The youth was suddenly taken aback and his entire body froze. The fair skin on his face turned red at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, rising up till it reached the tips of his ears.

    This was the first time that someone did not despise him for his looks, but had instead praised him for being good looking.

    Even the Bound Spirit Beast in his body became so highly elated that it almost could not hold back from leaping out of the boy’s body.

    When the doll faced girl at the side saw that the corners of her lips turned up in scorn. “Crazy! Why would she come suck up to the little mute out of the blue? Really can’t understand what she is thinking.”

    The tall and lanky youth then tugged at her sleeve, signalling her to not talk so much. The young lady was afterall someone the Chief favours now and it would not be good if they come to offend her.

    Qing Yu seemed to like the shy and bashful little boy very much as she said many things to him. In the end, when Qing Yu reached her hand out, wanting to touch the mark on his face, the young boy became highly alarmed and quickly retreated back a step, like he was afraid of her touching him. With his face pale, he then said timidly: “You….. You must not touch me…..”

    “Why?” Qing Yu asked in bewilderment.

    The expression on the youth’s face then turned sad and mournful as he said: “I am not able to control my own power….. I will turn you into a monster…..”

    In the Deviant Department, he was the least conspicuous disciple. No one dared to have any contact with him, and he would try his best to keep out of everyone’s sight, not wanting to show himself before them. He really did not want to cause anything irreversible to happen because he was unable to rein in his powers.

    Because even he himself did not know how to change the strange creatures he had created back into their original selves.

    Only the Chief was able to come close to him and remain safe and sound. Although the Chief had always consoled him, but he just could not get over the fact that he had once turned a living person into a tree.

    The youth looked like he had withdrawn himself back into a sturdy little protective shell, not just to protect others from him, but also to protect himself. He was afraid that he would hurt others, but was more afraid that others might come to hurt him.

    Qing Yu sighed and tried her best to make herself look like a person safe to engage with. Her voice was exceptionally gentle as she then asked: “What is your name?”

    The youth’s eyes flashed with a wary glint and it was quite a while before he opened his mouth to utter two short words: “Xing Tong.” (Translator’s Note from Cloud:  Xing1 Tong2 – 星瞳, in this instance means “starry eyes”.)

    Everyone here had always called him Little Mute and no one knew what his name really was, as no one had asked him.

    This beautiful young lady, was the first person who was willing to take the initiative to ask him his name.

    But the very next instant, the friendly young lady whom made him feel secure enough to engage with then did an action that would shock and astound any other person.