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Chapter 159.2 - Winning Over the Little Boy

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 159.2: Winning Over the Little Boy

    Before anyone even had the time to react, Qing Yu’s hand reached out to rest on the youth’s cheek, and she smiled more beautifully than a flower as she said to him. “The name suits you very well, as beautiful as the way your eyes look.”

    Xing Tong was stunned into a daze, unable to move as his cheek felt the cool temperature on his skin, and it did not feel uncomfortable at all. The Bound Spirit Beast in his body was like a happy little kid, longing for more of the highly caring touch of the young lady, enjoying it immensely.

    [Why is he….. liking it so much?]

    [Shouldn’t he be in a helpless fluster, terrified that his uncontrollable powers would turn her into some kind of hideous monster?]

    [Why doesn’t he feel the slightest abhorrence or any resistance against it at all?]

    “Heavens! My eyes must be going blind!” It was not known who said that who then gulped loudly in horror.

    “Has the Little Mute suddenly recovered?”

    “Who knows? Why not one of you step forward to let him touch you and see! ?”

    “Are you crazy? You go let him touch you yourself!”

    The doll faced girl was also in a state of shock. After hearing what all the others said, she then spotted a bird flying through the air above. She went on to strike the bird down from the air and threw it upon Xing Tong’s body.

    In the end, they saw the expression on the youth’s face changed in shade and in the next instant, the bird was turned into an ugly toad going “ribbit ribbit” non stop.

    The bird immediately felt extremely uncomfortable and it attempted to stretch its wings out to fly away. It came to discover in horror that its wings have….. disappeared! ? And when it cried out its cry had turned into a horrible sounding “ribbit ribbit”!

    [It was just flying past the place and what has happened in just an instant! ?]

    Everyone’s face immediately lost their colour. [Fortunately they had not touched Little Mute out of curiosity, or it would have been such a tragedy!]

    [Is the new little girl junior a deity? Why is she completely fine and unaffected! ?]

    [Does being that good looking give them such an advantage as well?]

    It was out of utter surprise that Xing Tong’s head which had been bashfully lowered all this time now came to lift up fully, and his whole countenance came to be revealed without any part of it hidden.

    Disregarding the left half of his face that was filled up by the mark of the Bound Spirit Beast, the other half of his face had exquisitely fair skin, and a look that was enchantingly tinged with a hint of sadness, especially his pair of eyes. They were as beautiful as his name, a bright and shiny jet black, so captivating that one would not be able to take their eyes off them.

    [The Little Mute has rather handsome looks!] Everyone thought silently to themselves.

    “Are….. Are you alright?” Xing Tong asked anxiously, getting a little tongue tied as his gaze remained fixed upon the young lady before him.

    Qing Yu was tickled by the boy’s careful concern which made her laugh. Her phoenix like eyes flashed with an astute glint and she said: “It looks like you do like me deep in your heart afterall. And look, you haven’t turned me into some strange monster have you?”

    Against the looks of utter amazement that Xing Tong and the others were giving her, Qing Yu was actually aware of the real reason behind it.