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Chapter 159.3 - Winning Over the Little Boy

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 159.3: Winning Over the Little Boy

    She possessed the purest bloodline that was loved by all spirits, a bloodline that all living creatures could not help being attracted to, hence when the Bound Spirit Beast in Xing Tong’s body was touched by her, it became incredibly delighted, and was inevitably drawn to her, yearning to stick close to her.

    “What are all of you doing clustered together there?”

    It was time for morning lessons and the classroom in the Deviant Department was empty, without a single person in there. Luo Lan Zhi had followed the voices here, and had coincidentally bumped into Feng Tian Hen along the way.

    Upon hearing his voice, one of the disciples immediately could not wait but to run over eagerly to him. “Senior, Chief, I’ll be damned! Our new little girl junior is just too godly! She touched Little Mute and she is completely unaffected!”

    Hearing that, the two men were clearly taken aback as well.

    They raised their eyes and immediately saw just below a tall tree, a youth sitting obediently there, looking rather frightened. Qing Yu was squatting just in front of him, talking to him with a smile on her face, and even stretching out one of her claws to pinch the boy’s face.

    The youth did not flinch or dodge, but just sat there red faced, allowing her to do as she please.

    Feng Tian Hen’s eyes narrowed and he took a few steps to walk over there. He grasped the young lady’s arm and pulled her up to her feet. With a voice that wasn’t as gentle as before but tinged with a certain deep darkness, he went on to ask: “What are you doing?”

    Xing Tong’s eyes stared wide like a startled little fawn. “Chief…..”

    Qing Yu creased up her rows, and flung off his hand in great displeasure. “Doesn’t Senior know that appearing so suddenly out of the blue like this can scare the life out of a person?”

    The difference in her demeanor at that moment was as different as light and day compared to the caring and concerned person towards Xing Tong earlier.

    The new little girl junior was indeed highly favoured. To think that she dared to speak to the Chief in such a manner.

    “How come I did not know that you were so timid?” Feng Tian Hen said with a laugh when he heard that. His eyes then turned to the frightened Xing Tong. “Don’t you know that you should have kept your distance away from her?”

    The look on the youth’s face then became even uglier, turning a pale shade as his body trembled slightly.

    When Qing Yu saw that she stood in front of him to protectively to block Feng Tian Hen. “Why are you bullying a kid for nothing? I was the one who took the initiative to come talk to him. He did not do anything at all.”

    Seeing her so protective like a mother hen, Feng Tian Hen was helpless. “There are many kinds of danger here in the Deviant Department. I was just worried that you are not familiar with things in here and might get hurt as you just came here recently.”

    “Am I not still good and well now? Senior has worried himself for nothing.”

    Those were clearly words said out of concern for her but for some unknown reason, Qing Yu just could not help but have a strange feeling inside, her mind subconsciously repulsive.

    To put it more accurately, right from the very beginning, she had felt a kind of repulsion towards Feng Tian Hen, and she couldn’t really pinpoint the reason for it, but her body just seemed to resist him coming close to her.