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Chapter 160.1 - It’s Him! ?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 160.1: It’s Him! ?

    She had really not met any man more nit picky than him.

    It could be overlooked if he was just always too concerned with his looks, but for him to get into such a mad panic when he was just bitten by a bug and expecting her to cultivate some kind of miraculous elixir to ensure it would not leave a scar, she was driven to the edge of madness.

    She really wanted to blow up! She was an Elixir Cultivator you know? Not some damned beautician!

    The man did not seem to have noticed the shade of her face but had gone on to push his own face close to her with a pitiful look on his face. “Little Junior, have a look and see what kind of an illness I have been stricken with! ? Is it very serious? ?”

    Qing Yu took a deep breath and forcibly pushed down the rage threatening to well up inside as she glanced at the man. “Did you sneak out to eat something secretly again last night?”

    “Huh? How did you know that! ?” The man asked in shock.

    “I have already told you that you have a sensitive constitution and you must not eat things that are too stimulating. Why can’t you just rein in your urges?” Qing Yu asked, her brows creasing up as she felt a headache coming on, unable to recall how many times the man was kicking up such a big fuss over a small allergic reaction.

    Qing Yu pulled a green porcelain bottle out from her sleeves and said to him: “This is the last time. Next time, don’t come look for me even if you get disfigured.”

    After that, she walked away and did not turn back no matter how loud the man called out to her.

    These people were really getting to be a little too much. If not for the fact that there were traces of her mother’s soul fragments in this place, she would have left long ago.

    “Ay! Young lady!”

    As she walked, a snowball was suddenly tossed down from up above a tree. Fortunately her quick reflexes allowed her to dodge in time or that snowball might have blasted onto her head.

    Dread filled up inside Qing Yu. She had immediately known who that was the moment she heard the voice. She gritted her teeth together and said: “What are you doing up there? You were waiting for me to pass just to attack me sneakily?”

    Her ears had already suffered under the grinding drone from the guys back at the Deviant Department and now this beast here had come running to join in the fun as well. She started to wonder just what Luo Jun Yao had been thinking, to appoint such a clumsy and simple minded fool to come protect her. Is he sure that he wasn’t just adding to her troubles instead?

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn was a refined and handsome sight, dressed in a suit of white robes, almost perfectly camouflaged against the white snow that blanketed everything. But as he was really too tall in stature, but had chosen a branch that was only as thick as a baby’s arm to crouch upon, he looked most comical, making Qing Yu worry whether the branch would break under his weight.

    His head peeked out from behind the tree to look at her, his white teeth showing. “Young lady, where are you headed off to for fun?”

    Qing Yu looked at him expressionlessly. “Are they always so relaxed at the Martial Department? How come no one noticed that you have sneaked out?”

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s eyes widened as he started to explain. “I did not sneak out from the department alright? The teacher back at the department said that if I can beat him into the ground in ten moves, he will let me come out to play. I remembered to pay mind to his reputation and I did not kill him instantly with one move, even giving him a handicap of three moves!”