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Chapter 160.2 - It’s Him! ?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 160.2: It’s Him! ?

    [Oh, you’re really so thoughtful aren’t you?]

    It could be overlooked if it was just a twelfth level spirit beast picking on the weak. But when it was boasting about it so shamelessly, then she really did not know what to say.

    Moreover, could he not tell that the teacher was politely telling him that his demand to leave was being rejected?

    To think that he really went on to fight the teacher! To have disgraced the teacher right before so many other disciples, it could be seen that he really was just a simple minded beast who was unable to understand the ways of humans. It was thought that he would surely be marked with hatred by the teacher after he returns back to the Martial Department.

    “Come down here and speak. Why must you always hide yourself up on a tree?” Her neck was feeling sore from craning her neck back to speak. [Doesn’t that fella mind getting pins and needles from squatting behind a tree the whole day?]

    Hearing that, the Lightning Blaze Unicorn then obediently jumped down from the tree.

    The falling snow had stopped and an occasional sprinkling of snow would fall down from the trees. Several fresh sets of footprints could be seen running through the newly fallen snow.

    Qing Yu followed beside the footprints as she walked, and then started to make perfunctory chatter with a certain beast with her. “What has your Lord been busy with recently?”

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn thought it fun and imitated Qing Yu by following the footprints as he listened to her speak. He then subconsciously answered without thinking: “Huh? I think the Lord went back to Cloud Heaven!”

    Qing Yu was dazed for a moment and her footsteps halted. “Did anything happen? Why did he suddenly go back?”

    “I am not sure, but my Lord said that he will come to the Faint Mist Sect once he has dealt with some business. He will probably be back in a few days” The Lightning Blaze Unicorn replied.

    Qing Yu nodded and did not ask anymore.

    As the man would frequently just appear by her side all of a sudden, it somehow felt a little strange that she had not heard a peep out of him for a good two weeks at a stretch now.

    At that same time in another side of the Faint Mist Sect, Yan Ning Luo had been summoned to the great meeting hall.

    It was cold and desolate in the great hall as the chill wind blew through the vast empty space. A man sat high up upon the elevated pedestal as the teapot upon the table before him let out a cloud of steam above it, that blurred the man’s countenance.

    Yan Ning Luo retracted her gaze and said respectfully: “I wonder why Master has summoned Ning Luo here for?”

    Most of the disciples throughout the Faint Mist Sect addressed Wen Ren Qian as Sect Leader and Yan Ning Luo was one of the few people who addressed the man as Master. It was because she had been following at the man’s side since a very young age and over the many years that had passed, the relationship built up between the two people was naturally not an ordinary one.

    Wen Ren Qian raised his eyes and laughed softly. “After this year, Ning Luo would then be eighteen already!”

    “Yes.” Yan Ning Luo answered, not sure where this conversation was heading.

    “Your previous engagement with Xuanyuan Che was called off. Was it because you already had someone in your heart?” Wen Ren Qian suddenly asked, which caught Yan Ning Luo off guard and she was unable to react for a moment.

    “What does Master mean by that?”

    Wen Ren Qian shook his head with a laugh. “I was naturally just concerned about you. A girl should have someone she can rely on when she grows up, so is there anyone in the Faint Mist Sect that takes your fancy?”