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Chapter 160.4 - It’s Him! ?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 160.4: It’s Him! ?

    [Is she mistaken?]

    The voice, one that was so familiar to her, the same voice that she was able to hear only in her dreams.

    Yan Ning Luo’s eyes stared unblinkingly at the horse carriage, till the owner of that hand pulled the curtain aside, finally revealing his true countenance.

    “It really is you.” Yan Ning Luo’s eyes were misty, her voice a little hoarse.


    “Little young lady, do you see? I have really performed very well recently, so can you even consider preparing a rabbit feast, with steamed, braised, roasted and fried rabbit for me?” The Lightning Blaze Unicorn nagged persistently as he followed behind Qing Yu.

    Qing Yu covered her ears with her hands, her face mournful. “Do not follow me anymore. It isn’t as if you are not aware that the Faint Mist Sect prohibits any form of cooking on your own within its premises, I’ll have a blackmark against me if we’re caught.”

    “What is there to be afraid of? Isn’t Feng Tian Hen the chief among the inner circle’s disciples? Moreover, all the Elders are afraid of him almost half to death, so just say that he is the one who wants to eat if you get caught! I can guarantee you that no one will dare to give you a blackmark.”

    The expression on the Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s face looked as if it was saying “I am so clever”, seemingly seeking for Qing Yu to praise him.

    “Is there something wrong with you? Don’t you know how malicious that man really is? If he finds out that I made use of him, I will have to pay him back ten times at least. Just because of you gluttony and you want me to do something so dangerous? Wait till I go tell Lou Jun Yao about this and let him smash you back into your original form.”

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn immediately looked highly aggrieved. “Why are you threatening to have me turned into my original form the moment you disagree with me? I am afterall still a twelfth level high grade spirit beast, I have a reputation to maintain you know! ?”

    “If you want to maintain your reputation, then use that clever mind of yours a little, and not come up with such silly ideas trying to take advantage of me.” Qing Yu said with a cold stare.

    The Lightning Blaze Unicorn then clamped his mouth shut ruefully. [It was agreed that there would be a rabbit feast to eat if he performed well. The Lord lied to me again. I will not believe you again.]

    Qing Yu was on her way back to the dormitory when she bumped into the doll faced girl from the Deviant Department. Compared to the malicious way the girl already tried to pick on her, she was not exceptionally friendly instead.

    “Little Junior, where are you headed for?” The girl asked as she latched on to Qing Yu’s arm. “Tell you something. We have a teacher who came in today, and we are all headed to the classroom to go wait. The Chief will also be there.”

    “Teacher?” Qing Yu raised an eyebrow. “He arrived so soon?”

    [Didn’t the Lightning Blaze Unicorn say that he went back to Cloud Heaven? And he is already back?]

    Qing Yu did not think any further about it but just allowed the doll faced little girl to pull her along as they went on their way to the classroom.