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Chapter 161.2 - A Wolf Only Has One Mate Throughout Its Life

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 161.2: A Wolf Only Has One Mate Throughout Its Life

    Most people who practise cultivation were usually not afraid of the cold, so even in the wintry chill of snowy lands, they were usually not seen to be dressed in very thick clothes.

    But the man who looked to be only about twenty years of age and should be a strong strapping young man, was however bundled up tightly, like he was afraid of such weather.

    It was till the man came closer that it could be seen that his skin was indescribably fair, his complexion paler than that of a sickly elderly old man would be, like he was a creature who lived thirsty for blood, and seldom saw the sun.

    The colour of his lips however, struck a clear contrast against his fair and almost translucent skin, the bright vivid red like blood.

    Looking upon his countenance, it really looked like the face had been carefully carved out by the hands of the Creator, flawless in its beauty, brilliant and magnificent. He looked like a man who had walked out from a painting, his facial features beautiful to the extreme, so exquisite looking at them from afar, not to mention gazing upon the face close up, just how stunningly handsome would he be! ?

    “The teacher looks like he’s just about the same age as us, can he really teach us anything? And don’t you think his looks are a little too capable of bringing ruin to a country and its people! ? How am I going to be able to still my heart and concentrate on cultivation like that?”This voice that spoke through tightly clenched teeth had come from none other than the slightly effeminate looking man who was always overly concerned with his looks.

    “The Sect Leader personally escorted the man here. I think he must surely be somebody.”

    “You can see that he is highly skilled with just one glance at him, and he doesn’t look all that approachable and easy to get close to. Will he be very fierce! ?” The doll faced girl asked, her face looking very worried.

    Xing Ting lifted his head and his eyes carefully studied the man, but he did not voice out his opinion. But then he suddenly spotted something, and he opened his mouth, a little stunned. With a voice that was just barely audible, he said: “His eyes….. are green in colour.”

    Qing Yu was standing just beside him and she had naturally heard the boy. Her eyes that were lowered subconsciously raised up to look outside the window, and unable to believe what she saw, her eyes widened slightly as she stood dazed in her spot.

    She had thought that the person coming here was Lou Jun Yao and she had naturally not shown much surprise before. Never had she ever thought that the person who was coming here would be…..

    Within the span of time those thoughts ran through her mind, Wen Ren Qian and the young man was at that moment already slowly walking in.

    The man lifted a hand to lightly flick the snow off his shoulders, before he pulled off his bamboo hat. The colour of snow and frost that covered the head under the hat spilled forth, and his dark green eyes swept one round over the room, till they saw the young lady the man had missed for so long, where a faint gentleness then came to show.

    “This man here….. Why do I find him a little familiar?”

    “Silver hair, green eyes….. Could it be?”

    “It’s the infamous grim reaper of the Water’s Edge Kingdom, the Duke of Vast Seas!”

    “Oh my Heavens! Can this really be true? !”