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Chapter 161.3 - A Wolf Only Has One Mate Throughout Its Life

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 161.3: A Wolf Only Has One Mate Throughout Its Life

    The expressions on everyone’s faces had gone from shock to disbelief before they were now filled with fiery fervour. [This man is right up there among the top ten most highly skilled fighters in the Constellation Continent and he had actually come to the Faint Mist Sect to be their teacher? This must all be just a dream!]

    Seeing every single one of them getting so excited they were no longer themselves, Wen Ren Qian could not help but laugh out loud. He then looked at the man beside him and said: “Looks like you are really famous in these lands. See how happy all of them are.”

    “It’s my honour.” Qing Ye Li nodded slightly, the expression on his face unchanged.

    Wen Ren Qian then turned himself back around to say to everyone: “Looks like everyone already knows who this man standing beside me really is. But no matter what his identity was in the past, he is your teacher from today onwards. All of you must be obedient and listen to him or this teacher will not show any mercy.”

    Everyone immediately nodded their heads quickly. [Who would dare not listen?]

    [The gap between their powers against this man here was just too great, and if they do not listen to what he says, they will surely be made to face torment with their own blood!]

    Wen Ren Qian left the disciples with a couple more instructions before he bade Qing Ye Li farewell and departed from there.

    Once he left, the atmosphere in the place became a little strange.

    Feng Tian Hen had kept his eyes on the man since the man had come in, and his gaze never left the man. He saw that the man’s beast like eyes had been locked on to him all this time, looking as if the man was going to tear him into shreds at any moment.

    [Hmm, interesting….. Why does this man feel so much enmity towards me? Do we know each other?]

    “Back when I was travelling through the lands, I was fortunate enough to pass through the borders of the Water’s Edge Kingdom, and there was no one that was unaware of the Duke of Vast Seas’ fame. So I am rather curious why the revered Duke of Vast Seas would choose to give up his position as one who holds power above all but one man, to come here to such a faraway Faint Mist Sect?” Feng Tian Hen’s voice was soft and gentle, as he asked with a meaningful smile.

    Qing Ye Li took two slow steps closer to him and said in a cold hard voice: “To each his own. Though power and authourity is highly enticing, but there are other things more precious than that.”

    As he spoke, he noticed that the young lady had a rather complicated expression on her face as she fixed her gaze upon him, which he could not help but start to feel uneasy. [Why hasn’t she said a thing? Does she blame him for coming here uninvited?]

    Seeing the loneliness and despair in those green eyes, Qing Yu could no longer bear it anymore and she opened her mouth to say: “Teacher, can we speak in private over on the side?”

    Hearing those words, the man with his cold and icy demeanor really went outside with the young lady, leaving all the others to discuss fervently.

    “What is the Little Junior doing? Is she trying to get near to the Duke of Vast Seas….. to establish a closer relationship?”

    “Will she be able to do that? The man does not look like a person that is easy to get along with at all! Why not you try to get close to him and see?”

    “No no no….. I don’t dare to.”

    Feng Tian Hen’s eyes darkened imperceptibly as he looked at the two people standing outside under the tree, their backs facing him. He did not know what they were talking about, but he just had a feeling that the two of them were acquainted.