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Chapter 161.4 - A Wolf Only Has One Mate Throughout Its Life

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 161.4: A Wolf Only Has One Mate Throughout Its Life

    Feng Tian Hen had not missed out on the fact that the man’s gaze had remained on Qing Yu for very long.

    Qing Ye Li had given up on everything in the Water’s Edge Kingdom and he was now no longer the Duke of Vast Seas, though that was known by only a few people internally, the news not yet spread. But to Feng Tian Hen, getting to know all these things was not difficult for him at all.

    To a man like him, the most important things were power and position, to stand unmatched upon the highest pinnacle.

    Qing Ye Li had money and authourity, and he was one of the most powerful pugilists throughout the lands. The one thing that could make him willing to give all that up, traverse thousands of miles while condescending himself to come here to the Faint Mist Sect to be a mere teacher, could only be for someone he held dear in his heart.

    And the identity of that person, was now clearly evident.

    The look in Feng Tian Hen’s eyes changed several times. [The lady he had his eyes on was on the mind of quite a number of people!]

    “You’re unhappy.”

    The young lady did not speak for a long while and Qing Ye Li finally could not endure the heavy silence anymore, so he opened his mouth to say in a slightly choked voice.

    And Qing Ye Li must have undergone a rather earth shaking struggle in his heart before those words came out of his mouth.

    Qing Yu lifted her eyes and looked at the man’s forlorn expression. The brows that were as exquisite as a painting were slightly furrowed, making the man look as if he was feeling incredibly guilty.

    “You’re not wearing your mask anymore?” Qing Yu suddenly asked, not responding to his statement

    Qing Ye Li was taken aback a moment before he said: “I have been taking the elixirs you gave me and you will basically not see any difference anymore. Didn’t you say….. that you wished that I can be a normal person?”

    Qing Yu could not help but laugh. She then turned her head sideways to look at him. “Then what kind of a person do you wish to be?”

    The man pressed his thin lips together and it was quite a while before he said: “I wish….. I can become the man that you wish me to be.”

    She was suddenly stunned, and she was unable to speak for awhile.

    No matter whether it was in the previous life or this one, he had always been following behind in her footsteps, and he had probably never once thought about the kind of life he wanted for himself before.

    She didn’t know whether it was because of her, that had stopped him from moving himself forward.

    “Little Ye, if I had not picked you up back then, would you have lived and you would not have turned to look like this?” Qing Yu asked sadly as she held a lock of his snowy white hair.

    “Unfortunately there isn’t a if. I only know that without you, there will be no Qing Ye Li.” The man lifted his hand to brush off the snow on her clothes, and said softly.

    “I once lived life where the days felt like years, hating the entire unfair world. But now, I am extremely thankful to the Heavens, that allowed me to remain safe and sound, for me to stand before you once again, alive and well.”

    “I have also hated you before, for going back on your word. You showed me the light of hope, why did you then snatch it away from me so cruelly.”

    “You said before that I am a wolf, and throughout a wolf’s live, once it has set its mind on someone, it will never ever change, even till death.”