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Chapter 162.1 - Even Touched Her Hand? Something’s Definitely Afoot!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 162.1: Even Touched Her Hand? Something’s Definitely Afoot!

    He had always been a man of few words and this was the first time seeing him say so many words.

    In the previous life, he was like a shadow that followed around her, never having much of a presence, but protected her silently at the side, only appearing whenever she was faced with danger, ridding all obstacles in her way.

    While she laughed uninhibited under the sun, he only dared to secretly watch her from within the darkness, in humble servitude.

    All done carefully, like he was afraid to shatter the peace.

    But he was destined to not be ordinary. With the blood of the Wolf Tribe in his body, mysterious and incredible power lay hidden in his body. That was a terrifying weapon that the Wolf Tribe had been looking to discover, for them to research and develop, power that would be unimaginable once it was unlocked.

    The first time that Qing Yu saw the man’s form change, she already had her suspicions on his identity, so she did everything she could to conceal it for him by distracting and diverting people’s attention, where even at the point of her death, she had not forgotten to remind him to go far away from there, to protect himself.

    But what she had not thought was that her death would become the detonator that completely ignited Qing Ye Li’s transformation.

    What was even more unexpected was that he was even able to follow her to this other world.

    As those thoughts went through Qing Yu’s mind, a faint tinge of worry came to show between her brows. Meeting the man’s earnest and passionate eyes, her lips moved slightly as she said in a soft voice: “Little Ye, it is….. not safe here by my side.”

    She was still worried. Worried that that person who harboured evil intentions towards her, could very possibly still be alive.

    Qing Ye Li’s eyes grew dim. “I am a dangerous person myself all this time aren’t I? Things are not the same as before. I have enough power to protect you now, and the tragedy that happened in the previous life will not happen again.”

    “Moreover, did you know…..” Qing Ye Li interrupted the young lady who was just about to say something, a hint of bloodthirsty murder creeping into his cold stern face. “I was initially not prepared to come here so early, but a few days ago, I suddenly sensed Qing Tian Lin’s aura.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed sharply, and her hands clenched up into fists.

    “Could he really….. still be alive?”

    “Do you still remember back when he locked me in an isolated chamber and tried to extract my blood essence to further his cultivation but your sudden appearance interrupted his plans?” Qing Ye Li said in a low voice.

    Qing Yu’s expression was solemn as she nodded. “I remember. What is it? Is there any link between that incident to this?”

    “He had actually completed half of the blood essence extraction at that time and because he was prematurely stopped, his mark was left behind in my body.” Qing Ye Li said as he slowly placed his hand over his chest, the expression on his face icily cold. “Now, whenever a fluctuation of his aura shows up, I am able to sense it.”