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Chapter 162.3 - Even Touched Her Hand? Something’s Definitely Afoot!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 162.3: Even Touched Her Hand? Something’s Definitely Afoot!

    “Will that really work?” Qing Yu said with a twitch tugging at the corner of her mouth. “I’m sure they will have something to say about that!”

    “Haven’t you noticed the look in their eyes when they look at me? Did you see the fervour and worship in their eyes? So even if I just toss them some half hearted techniques, they would probably just think that it is an extraordinary method that an exceptionally powerful pugilist uses to cultivate.”

    Qing Ye Li’s words stunned Qing Yu into speechlessness.

    [Is this the same Little Ye that she used to know? To think that he could be so open and candid about pulling wool over people’s eyes in deceit just like that. Having not seen him after so many years, she really has to see him in a completely different light.]

    “Say, what do you think our Little Junior is talking to the teacher about? They are really taking such a long time out there.” The tall and lanky youth said thoughtfully, his hand rubbing his chin. Why do I feel that they seem to know each other?”

    “Not only do they look like they know each other, I think something’s afoot between them!” The effeminately pretty looking guy then chimed in. The next moment, as if he had just seen the proof, his eyes grew wide as his face grew pale. “Look! He is even touching her hand! That must surely show that their relationship isn’t entirely pure!”

    Upon hearing those words, everyone turned to look, coming to see that tall slender man in red clothes holding the young lady’s wrist in his hand. From their angle, they could even see that man’s large hand tighten, gripping the young lady’s petite jade like hand affectionately a couple of times.

    [Sweet Heavens! What an absolute beast! !]

    [How dare he defile their pure, utterly unbesmirched and adorable dear Little Junior like that!]

    [Even if he was a famed and revered powerful figure well known throughout the lands, how could he commit such an unforgivable blasphemy like that! ?]

    Someone among them was just about to blow up when they all heard the sound of a strange “crack”.

    Following the direction the sound had been heard from, they saw the gentle and refined Fen Tian Hen in his resplendent white clothes, a smile as refreshing as the spring breeze on his face, the aura he exuded exceptionally comforting and snug.

    [Nothing seems to be….. wrong. Is there?]

    But when they moved their gazes down a little lower, they saw that the hard and sturdy gold streaked cedar wood table beside him had a corner broken off under the man’s prominently defined hand.

    Everyone immediately felt the trickle of cold sweat running down their backs. [Looking like this, the Chief is just so….. scary.]

    [Luckily, it was just a table that broke.]


    It could be clearly felt….. that there was something not quite right with Yan Ning Luo today.

    In the afternoon, Shen Jing and Jiang Yi Han had asked Yan Ning Luo along as they went to the Meal Hall to have their lunch, and they noticed that the normally cold and aloof young woman who usually did not seem to need to eat, was carrying an almost imperceptible hint of a smile between her brows.

    Shen Jing raised an eyebrow and looked at the young woman, her voice a little teasing. “We’re right in the middle of winter here and your powdered face is looking like spring is upon us. Has spring really come early?”

    Yan Ning Luo looked rather surprised a moment before she realized that her emotions had been showing on her face. She was a little perplexed as she then said: “Stop that nonsense.”

    Jiang Yi Han pressed her lips together in a smile and then blinked her eyes innocently before leaning in close to say: “Ning Luo, you must not hide it from us if something happy happened as such things must be shared with your sisters here. You seem to be in very good spirits today, so good that you are unable to hide it.”