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Chapter 162.4 - Even Touched Her Hand? Something’s Definitely Afoot!

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 162.4: Even Touched Her Hand? Something’s Definitely Afoot!

    Faced with two pairs of eyes that were sparkling with inquisitiveness, Yan Ning Luo felt rather helpless as she let out a sigh in resignation. “Alright, I give up. I’ll tell you.”

    “My Master recently got me to go receive a guest from the mountain gates, a teacher for the Deviant Department. But little did I expect that he turned out to be…..” Yan Ning Luo paused a moment as she looked straight into her friends’ curious gazes before she said: “It was Qing Ye Li.”

    “Qing Ye Li?” The two other girls chorused together, clearly surprised.

    It took them awhile for them to digest the news before Shen Jing said with shock on her face: “Isn’t he the Duke of Vast Seas in the Water’s Edge Kingdom? Why would he come to the Faint Mist Sect?”

    Yan Ning Luo shook her head lightly. “I am not too clear about that as he went straight to my Master after that.”

    Jiang Yi Han laughed and said: “No matter what, the man in your heart is now so much closer to you here. This is just great!”

    The person Yan Ning Luo liked was Qing Ye Li and that was already not a secret among them. Although Xuanyuan Che wasn’t too bad as well as he was the Crown Prince of a kingdom, but what mattered most was only when one’s heart truly liked him or not, otherwise it would be of no use no matter what was said.

    It was lunchtime and because the Faint Mist Sect prohibited anyone from preparing their own meals within their premises, fearful that food from outside would hinder their cultivation practice, disciples from the various departments were at that moment all streaming steadily into the meal hall, quickly filling up the entire place.

    At least the food in the Faint Mist Sect was quite good, four different dishes and a soup, a balanced two meat two vegetable meal. Moreover the cooks would constantly come up with many fanciful ways to prepare the dishes, so everyone was rather satisfied with the food provided.

    Mu Lai and the others would always wait for Qing Yu to come join them together for their meal. As all the other departments were closer to the place with the Deviant Department the only one that was furthest away, the others would always come in first to occupy seats in the meal hall to wait for her. But today, a long time seemed to have passed but they still did not see any signs of her coming through the doors.

    Yan Xi Wu was staring at the braised spare ribs on her plate as she chewed on her chopsticks, before muttering mournfully: “Why is Qing Yu still not here yet? The food is getting cold and they will not taste good very soon.”

    “Maybe she is just delayed today. She has never been late before.” Ming Yi Yi said with a smile.

    Qing Bei’s eyes looked a little blank, and it was not known what was going through his mind. There was suddenly a commotion outside the door and he immediately lifted his head up to look.

    It was a silver haired man dressed in a dark red robe, his green eyes dark. He was exquisitely handsome, every inch extraordinary looking, a beautiful sight wherever he went. In addition to that, the slender figure of a young lady whose beauty was as alluring as a fox stood just beside him.

    The two figures wore the white uniform that was no different from everyone else, but it looked exceptionally captivating upon them, as they stood there with a faint smile on their lips, tugging at everyone’s hearts.

    Standing together side by side, they presented an exceptionally harmonious sight. The man was surrounded by a seemingly unmeltable iciness, but it felt as if the frigid chill was being thawed by the beautiful faint smile on the enchanting young lady.