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Chapter 163.1 - Heartwarmingly Loyal Little Guard Dog

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 163.1: Heartwarmingly Loyal Little Guard Dog

    The faint smile that had been on Yan Ning Luo’s face suddenly froze.

    Shen Jing did not see the expression on Yan Ning Luo’s face but merely blinked her eyes in shock. “Ning Luo, isn’t that your younger sister? Why is she here with the Duke of Vast Seas?”

    Jiang Yi Han was conscientious enough to notice that Yan Ning Luo’s expression did not seem right. Coincidentally, a whole group of ravenously hungry youths came surging in through the meal hall’s doors right at that moment, most of them disciples from the Martial Department. Having just undergone overly rigorous training from their teacher, their tummies were already rumbling with hunger, their bodies starting to protest.

    Upon seeing that a stout bodied youth was going to bump right into Qing Yu, Qing Ye Li’s eyes glinted sharply and he immediately stretched out a long arm to pull her to his chest, shielding her protectively.

    As the aura exuding from his body was really just too icily cold, nobody dared to come within a meter of him, which allowed Qing Yu to avoid the wave of youths surging past unscathed.

    Qing Ye Li knitted up his brows and lowered his head to ask the surprised young lady: “You alright?”

    “Hmm. I’m fine.” Qing Yu smiled, before squirming out from under his arm. “I see Little Bei and the others. Are you….. going over to eat together with them?”

    Qing Ye Li nodded and said very simply: “Together”

    “What is that man? He’s rather strange looking.”

    “That girl looks like the prodigious all element wielder from the Deviant Department. What kind of a relationship does those two share?”

    “You’re asking about what even a half blind person will be able to see? Didn’t you see the caring and highly protective way that man shielded the girl just now?”

    “Doesn’t the Faint Mist Sect forbid such relationships from forming between their disciples? But that man does not look like he is from our sect, so why is he here?”

    “Pay attention to his looks. Doesn’t it remind you of anyone…..”

    “Silver hair with green eyes….. Can it really be that person?”

    “Oh sweet Heaven….. I really do not believe this. I am actually seeing such an entity here in the Faint Mist Sect!”

    Everyone immediately huddled together in groups to whisper in hushed tones. Many of the innocent and naive female disciples had also felt their hearts flutter when they saw how exquisite the man’s facial features were and how gentle and chivalrous his actions were just now.

    Yan Ning Luo’s clear eyes involuntarily darkened.

    She had realized it before, but it was now clear to see.

    The reason that led Qing Ye Li to come to the Faint Mist Sect, choosing to become a teacher in the Deviant Department, was all merely because of Qing Yu.

    She had completely forgotten that Yan Qing Yu was in the Deviant Department.

    After the last time back at the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor, she should have realized that the way Qing Ye Li treated Yan Qing Yu was not ordinary. Based on what she was now seeing, it seemed that their relationship was not just extraordinary, it could be termed as intimate.

    She had not forgotten how much Qing Ye Li hated people coming so close to him, where even when he was severely injured back in the past, he had been extremely wary cautious of her when she went close to him.