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Chapter 163.2 - Heartwarmingly Loyal Little Guard Dog

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 163.2: Heartwarmingly Loyal Little Guard Dog

    But he had subconsciously shielded Yan Qing Yu without giving it a thought just now and it must be said that his action had caused jealousy and envy to rise in her always calm and composed heart.

    Yan Qing Yu, what right does she have?

    Besides that beautiful face just like her mother’s that bewitches a man’s heart, in what other way can that wench compare to her?

    “Ah Che, what are you staring at so transfixed?” Lian Shao Jie could not help but ask as he came back carrying a bowl of rice and saw Xuanyuan Che staring in a daze.

    Xuanyuan Che lifted his eyes to look at him and his lips curled up into a smile as he said: “Nothing really, but I am feeling a little curious just how interesting Yan Ning Luo’s face would look seeing the Duke of Vast Seas being so intimate with another girl.”

    Lian Shao Jie burst out in laughter upon hearing that. “You are really gloating here aren’t you! ? You can’t possibly be bearing a grudge just because people called off the engagement with you right? That is not the way a gentleman should act.”

    Xuanyuan Che scoffed. “I am not such a petty person. The engagement was not what both of us wanted so everyone’s happy that it has been called off. I am merely pitying her as the man she likes has an affectionate relationship with some other girl. With her proud character, she would surely choke to death having to swallow such a blow.”

    “Ay ay ay, how do you know she will choke to death at all? Do you still miss her that much! ?” Lian Shao Jie said teasingly, as his gaze then turned towards the door. “But the looks of that girl with the Duke of Vast Seas is not inferior to Yan Ning Luo at all but feels a lot more lovable than that cold arrogant look of hers. It’s no wonder the man isn’t interested.”

    Xuanyuan Che had not paid attention to the other girl’s looks. Upon hearing Lian Shao Jie’s words, he then turned his eyes to have a gander, immediately finding her rather familiar looking, as if he had seen her somewhere before.

    On the other side, Qing Yu and Qing Ye Li came to sit down together with Mu Lai and the others. They had left just one seat for Qing Yu and as the place was crowded with people at that time, all the surrounding seats were already filled and there were no more spare ones.

    Qing Ye Li furrowed his brows and his gaze fell lightly upon a youth seated on the left of the group. The youth had been eating quietly when his body suddenly broke into a bout of cold sweat under that stare, causing him to quickly shift to the side to make space for another person.

    Qing Ye Li’s brows knitted up tightly as he stood there unmovingly. The youth almost broke into tears under the sinister aura engulfing him as his teeth chattered with his chopsticks still in his mouth.

    Qing Yu shook her head helplessly and went to sit down on the seat the youth had been sitting in. Qing Ye Li then went to sit down on the space the girls had kept for Qing Yu and it was only then that the tightly knitted up brows relaxed.

    He had probably been unhappy with the seat that the youth had just vacated! These skilled and powerful pugilists are really eccentric characters indeed!

    Qing Bei then asked in delighted surprise: “Duke of Vast Seas, what are you doing here?” He then paused before he turned to look at the young lady with smiling eyes opposite him. It then seemed like something just dawned upon him and he continued to ask: “You came here to see Qing Yu?”

    “Mm.” Qing Ye Li grunted a reply and on this rare occasion, he added: “I am a teacher in the Deviant Department.”