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Chapter 163.3 - Heartwarmingly Loyal Little Guard Dog

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 163.3: Heartwarmingly Loyal Little Guard Dog

    Qing Bei’s eyes immediately lit up. “You really came to the Faint Mist Sect to become a teacher? Can I then transfer to the Deviant Department?”

    Qing Yu was speechless. *Sweating. [This fella really idolizes Little Ye!]

    On the side, Yan Xi Wu also became excited when she heard that and she said in a soft bashful little voice: “Can I also join as well?”

    The moment those words came out, Yan Xi Wu was mercilessly ridiculed by Qing Bei. “You can just forget about it right now. It’s already hard enough for you to remain inside the Martial Department, so don’t let your imagination run wild and dream up such fantasies.”

    What tyranny!

    Yan Xi Wu was boiling up inside but she did not dare let it erupt.

    Mu Lai watched on with amusement with a measuring gaze before turning to Qing Yu to ask: “Is this gentleman the Duke of Vast Seas? How come I did not know that you are acquainted with such a great entity?”

    Qing Yu shrugged her shoulders helplessly. “I did not know him before, and it was only after we met that I came to recognize him.”

    “Are you two close?” Mu Lai asked with a wink, in a slightly teasing voice.

    The man whose entire body exuded a cold chill did not say a word, but just silently picked up food with his chopsticks to place into the young lady’s bowl. That action did not only cause everyone in the group to stare in flabbergasted shock, but had everyone in the entire hall turn to fix their eyes on the group, even forgetting to eat their own food, eager to watch the gossip unfold.

    A certain beast seated among the group from the Martial Department had his head buried down in his bowl, looking like he was completely unaffected by the things happening in the hall, but his ears were pricked up and had actually already discreetly picked up lots of information.

    [Those are some really dangerous grounds you’re treading on oh captivating little young lady….. It’s not enough that there Feng Tian Hen, and now there’s another one. Although this one gives off such a cold and icy aura, but he sure knows how to show a girl concern. Doesn’t it seem that most girls nowadays are usually attracted to such a type of guys?]

    [And his poor Lord is completely unaware that the Little Young Lady is being pursued by another man here!]

    The others in the group were staring at the food in Qing Yu’s bowl so hard that their eyes were almost going to bore holes into it.

    Qing Yu found the question a little funny as she picked up her chopsticks to have a bite of her food before she slowly replied: “Mm, we’re very close.”

    Mu Lai continued to ask teasingly: “And how close is that?”

    Qing Yu went on to finish chewing the food in her mouth in silence before she swallowed. After thinking about it a moment, she then replied: “There are certain people in the world, though unrelated to you by blood at all, would forever just stand by your side without question, regardless of right or wrong, and you are able to leave your back in his hands without hesitation, never having to worry about being betrayed as the person is willing to die for you. This is exactly how close.”

    Unknowingly, the eyes of the cold and aloof noble looking man beside her had reddened slightly, his body suddenly stiffened a little.

    Those words caused everyone to become silent. For some unknown reason, a question that had originally been asked just in jest had suddenly turned the atmosphere heavy, making it seem like those two people had undergone some unspeakable suffering no one knew about.