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Chapter 164.1 - Lou Jun Yao, You’ve Fallen For Her

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 164.1: Lou Jun Yao, You’ve Fallen For Her

    “That is not something you should be concerned about.” Lou Jun Yao said with a sideways glance at the man.

    Little Monster’s lips seemed to curve up slightly. “You are the Lord of the Dark Lands and the King of all of us here. It is a matter of fact that none of us can interfere with wherever you want to go or whatever you want to do, but it is unavoidable that we will be a little concerned that our King is being so meticulous towards a little lass.”

    “Concerned?” Lou Jun Yao’s gaze was calm as he looked at the man, seemingly not understanding what Little Monster’s words meant.

    Little Monster laughed and his scarlet eyes flashed with a glint. “My Lord has lived uninhibited and carefree for several hundred years a single man, and I fear that you might not know what it truly means when one starts to show a girl too much care and concern, to the extent that he has repeatedly gone above and beyond to make exceptions just for her.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s brows knitted up. “What are you trying to say?”

    “You have fallen for the lass.” Little Monster said softly.

    The expression on Lou Jun Yao’s face froze, like he had been shocked by those words, unable to recover for quite a good while. He then shot Little Monster an impatient glance before saying coldly: “That’s complete rubbish.”

    He turned around and immediately walked away after saying that, and his back view looked rather angry.

    Little Monster raised a hand up to rub his chin thoughtfully, his eyes filled with mirth. The sound of a sultry woman’s soft laugh suddenly rang out behind him and he turned his head around to look. He saw an alluring and seductive woman in crimson clothes leaning against the wall with her arms folded, her beautiful eyes looking at him as a naughty smile hung from her lips.

    “What?” Little Monster looked at her to ask.

    Mei Ji then laughed louder. “You’re really naughty! You really think it’s a good idea to uncover the Lord’s secret just like that! This might be the very first time love has stirred in his heart and is just starting to bud. Having you expose him like that, based on his character, don’t you think he would just throttle those feelings that are only in its infancy? What you did is just wrecking someone’s relationship.”

    “I just want him to realize the truth. The Lord is great in every way, but his emotional quotient is rather worrying.” Little Monster said matter of factly.

    Mei Ji then sidled over to him, her soft curvaceous body leaning against the man lean muscular chest as a slender finger traced tiny circles suggestively upon it. “How can the Lord compare to the scheming mind of a naughty thing like you who looks so decent on the surface, but is in fact so filled with passion and black bellied inside?”

    Little Monster scoffed and then caught the mischievous finger on his chest, his other arm carefully cradling the soft and flexible back of the woman as she rested her svelte body entirely onto him, to prevent her from falling. His voice was low and slightly raspy as he then said: “Since you already know that I am so sly and scheming, I wonder who is the one that is always lacking the kind of reservation a girl is supposed to show, to come stick her body right against mine to seduce me?”

    Mei Ji’s face was one of perfect innocence as she blinked her eyes and pouted, looking aggrieved like she had a complaint to make. “Who asked you to always put on a front like you have absolutely no earthly desires at all? If I do not take the initiative, am I then supposed to wait for you to act? You clearly know that I like you, but you always pretend as if you know nothing about it. Tell me, is there a bigger scoundrel than you?”