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Chapter 164.2 - Lou Jun Yao, You’ve Fallen For Her

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 164.2: Lou Jun Yao, You’ve Fallen For Her

    Looking so pitiful and aggrieved, the always seductive and heart captivating sultry vixen was really alluring.

    Little Monster’s scarlet eyes turned a deep red and he then lowered his head. A light fleeting kiss was then planted upon Mei Ji’s smooth cheek, where she froze for a moment in surprise, her eyes widening in a fluster, and her cheeks even unexpectedly reddened for once.

    She then heard the man’s slightly raspy sounding voice whisper into her ear: “I like it very much when you take the initiative”

    Mei Ji’s face turned red to the point she looked like she was going to explode, the flush spreading all the way her neck.

    She had never known that when her Little Monster spoke to her in such gentle tones, it was actually so stirring!

    She knew herself to be highly thick skinned person, but when faced with such a sensuous Little Monster here, she was completely defenceless.

    She was being eaten up alive.

    The winds blew strong that night, cold and bleak. It was deadly silent out here in the desolate mountains, and only the Gathered Cloud Loft that was nestled between the two peaks was alight, glowing like a sparkling star, where the rustle of money was drowned out by the sound of song and dance amidst all that mindless revelry that was going on.

    It was said that higher levels in the Faint Mist Sect had once come forward to have a discussion with them, that such a tranquil and quiet location was not really suitable for their kind of establishment, and that they would pose to be a temptation, enticing their disciples to sneak out to patronize the house of entertainment.

    But the negotiations had not been successful. The senior member of the sect had initially wanted to diplomatic about it, but since the other party did not reciprocate his kind intentions, he had no choice but to employ more brutish and illegal methods. However, before he could even make a single move, he found himself being thrown out of the place by a mere little doorguard.

    How appalling was that? To think that somebody as well known as him from the Faint Mist Sect whom everyone respected would be treated in such a manner by an unknown little scoundrel here. In a fit of rage, he had immediately wanted to teach that insolent scoundrel a lesson.

    But a light palm strike from the other party had pushed him tens of meters backwards, injuring him severely as he vomited out a mouthful of blood with one of his ribs broken.

    It was terrifying that even a nobody guarding the door would already possess such a frightening level of cultivation. Just what kind of a profound and unfathomable power was behind this Gathered Cloud Loft?

    They could not afford to offend these people and the Faint Mist Sect had no choice but to close one eye to it.

    When the matter was reported to Wen Ren Qian, he merely laughed it off and paid it no mind. If even the Sect Leader himself was not concerned about the matter, what else could they do but to leave it alone?

    In that icy cold weather, the white robed Bai Zhi Yan was still dressed in his thin red clothes.

    His figure slender and well built, the man’s enchantingly handsome face carried with him the scent of rouge and cosmetics. Having just escaped out from under the evil claws of all those female patrons who were ravenous like wolves, his face was looking a little gloomy.

    [Damn it, he almost got kissed by an old woman and would have lost his chastity.]

    [He had only just gone on to the back to survey the situation when he was mistaken to be one of the “male hosts”. Ha! Is there even a “male host” as good looking as him? What a joke!]