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Chapter 164.3 - Lou Jun Yao, You’ve Fallen For Her

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 164.3: Lou Jun Yao, You’ve Fallen For Her

    He had just opened the room’s door when he immediately saw a man sitting by the table who had his head propped up with one hand holding his cheek. His eyes were closed, and his face was rather pale.

    Bai Zhi Yan was shocked and he quickly walked over to the man with big wide strides to grab at his arm. Even with such large movements, only the man’s eyelids moved slightly, and he did not show any other reaction.

    “Jun Yao, what happened to you?”

    Bai Zhi Yan was highly flustered when he was only able to feel just a faint intermittent pulse and saw how weak Lou Jun Yao looked. It was clear to see that he had sustained very severe internal injuries, but he was still able to endure it all without letting his condition flare up while traversing through two realms to come here all the way from Cloud Heaven.

    “Who was it that could possibly even wound you?” Bai Zhi Yan’s face turned frighteningly dark as he infused the man’s body with a stream of spirit energy. After awhile, the man’s pulse then slowly stabilized.

    Lou Jun Yao opened his eyes and his voice was low as he said: “I’m fine.”

    “In this state and you say you’re fine?” Bai Zhi Yan glared at him and said. “I couldn’t even feel your pulse and almost thought you had died!”

    “You wish.” Lou Jun Yao raised his eyes up to look at him to say. “A scourge lasts for a thousand years. I won’t die so easily.”

    Bai Zhi Yan snorted in derision, and said scoffingly: “Don’t give me all that drivel. What happened to you? Just one trip to Cloud Heaven and you came back half dead barely alive. Don’t tell me just because you haven’t fought anyone for the past few hundred years your skills have deteriorated into such a pitiful state?”

    Lou Jun Yao gave a long sigh. “I was too careless and did not think that a devil beast would be guarding the area around that place. I was caught off guard for a moment and ended up getting struck once by it.”

    Bai Zhi Yan was stunned. “Judging by the severity of you injury, that devil beast must at least be level fifteen or higher!”

    “It was a peak level eighteen Ghost Faced Lion. It was too deeply concealed and I did not notice it.” Lou Jun Yao said, sounding a little vexed.

    Upon hearing that it was a level eighteen devil

    beast, it was interesting to see the series of shades Bai Zhi Yan’s face then underwent, before it flashed with a look of immense relief that the man managed to pull through the calamity. “You are truly a blessed man to have lived through disaster. There’s just a handful of high level spirit beasts and devil beasts in the entire Cloud Heaven and you just had to come bump into one. So you killed that devil beast in the end?”

    Lou Jun Yao lifted an eyebrow. “What else did you expect? Do you think I’ll let it go just like that?”

    “That’s not what I meant. I mean to ask, where is the devil beast core?” A level eighteen devil beast was not something one could just seek out. Not to mention how priceless that crystal core would be, if it was used on a spirit weapon, its power would surely be so incredible!

    Unfortunately, Lou Jun Yao knitted up his brows and said in an indifferent tone. “I blew its head to smithereens and its brains flew everywhere. It was so disgusting that I smashed its crystal core together with everything else.”

    Bai Zhi Yan found himself unable to speak. “…..”

    He knew he should not have expected this fella to be so diligent that he would bring the crystal core back. That guy wouldn’t know a thing about what it meant to be squandering away such a heavenly object.