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Chapter 164.4 - Lou Jun Yao, You’ve Fallen For Her

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 164.4: Lou Jun Yao, You’ve Fallen For Her

    “What did you even go back for? To think that you even got yourself injured for it.” Bai Zhi Yan had not forgotten to ask what was most important. Things that could move him enough to act upon even at the risk of injury were few and far between.

    When that was brought up, a smile came to be revealed on Lou Jun Yao’s face and two crystal clear Spirit Nourishing Orbs appeared in his hands, with an ephemeral spirit body lying quietly curled up within each one.

    “This time, it yielded quite a good result for me.” Lou Jun Yao replied.

    Bai Zhi Yan blinked his eyes in surprise. “Are they Aunt Lan’s spirit fragments? Where did you find them?”

    “At the bottom of the mountain cliff just behind the Dark Lands.” Lou Jun Yao responded.

    Bai Zhi Yan became even more surprised. “How did you manage to find them?’ [They were right beneath their noses all this time! ?]

    Lou Jun Yao’s finger tapped lightly on the table. “Instinct.”

    Bai Zhi Yan shook his head and laughed softly. “With you trying so hard, Qing Yu will surely be so moved if she knew.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes flashed with a glint when he recalled the nonsense Little Monster said before, his face changing slightly. “How is she doing recently?”

    “Everything’s normal. Nothing big happened and the Lightning Blaze Unicorn would occasionally come report about miniscule happenings in there. Just a few days ago, I was told that Qing Ye Li who is uncommonly close to the lass had joined the Faint Mist Sect’s Deviant Department as a teacher. As the saying goes, the intention of that drunkard isn’t on the wine!” Bai Zhi Yan said with a laugh.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyebrow raised up. “Isn’t he holding some position as the Duke of Vast Seas or something in the Water’s Edge Kingdom?”

    “Back when he appeared in the Water’s Edge Kingdom and agreed to help the new Emperor in the running of the kingdom, it seemed like the agreement was for a ten year period, and that he would leave once time was up. But more than ten years have passed since then and he is only leaving the Water’s Edge Kingdom now, so it feels like something’s a little strange.”

    The man had seemed rather mysterious and Bai Zhi Yan had looked into him. He only managed to find out that the man had come from another world and was not from these lands.

    [That’s right…..]

    “Didn’t the lass Qing Yu mention that Qing Ye Li and her were people from another world? It is possible that Qing Ye Li was waiting for her and now that she has been found, it is most natural for him to leave.” In a sudden stroke of ingenuity, Bai Zhi Yan suddenly thought of it, and found that there were just too many suspicious points in his deduction.

    “But she is also Aunt Lan’s daughter, but she has also said she is not from Cloud Heaven. All of this has gotten me truly baffled.” Bai Zhi Yan said with his brows furrowed, unable to make head or tail of everything.

    Lou Jun Yao’s violet eyes darkened slightly and then suddenly said slowly. “There’s nothing really that impossible. Though there are many differences between her and Aunt Lan, it could be that that body of hers is really Aunt Lan’s daughter, but her soul inside does not belong to this place.”

    “Reborn through transmigration of one’s soul or resurrection through a dead body.”