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Chapter 165.1 - Nowadays, All the Girls Always Prefer Icy Glaciers

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 165.1: Nowadays, All the Girls Always Prefer Icy Glaciers

    A corner of Bai Zhi Yan’s lips twitched. “So….. it is highly possible she might be an old monstrous hag whose soul has lived for many long years?”

    Lou Jun Yao shot a sideways glance at him. “As someone who is over two hundred years old himself, you have the cheek to call others an old hag?”

    Bai Zhi Yan immediately exploded when he heard that. “Calling me a two hundred year old man? Aren’t you over two hundred years old yourself? !”

    Lou Jun Yao clicked his tongue like he was secretly ridiculing the man, the man’s gaze causing Bai Zhi Yan to fume inside.


    Here at one of the most withdrawn powers in Cloud Heaven, in the Barbarians’ main encampment, it was deep night, where it was quiet and silent all around, the time where everyone was sleeping most soundly, when a terrified cry suddenly rang out from one of the tents and tore through the air.

    All the tents in the encampment were immediately lit up with lights with some of them rushing to put on their clothes in a rush. “What happened? Is there an enemy intruder?”

    “How could an outsider possibly come here into the lands of the Barbarians? They won’t even be able to get past the desert out there.”

    “What is it then? Go take a look.”

    In the tent that had been the source of the scream, a petite little girl with sweet and pretty looks was at that moment holding an old man’s hand tightly, the expression on her face fearful and pleading. “Grandfather….. Grandfather….. You must not kill her. She isn’t a bad person”

    The old man’s face that was filled with fury saw the little girl trying so hard to stop him and he immediately became even more enraged. “Ah Yue, why are you so foolish? You are breaking the tribe rules here! Do you even realize that! ?”

    The old man’s gaze was sharp as a blade as it swept over the figure of the woman leaning back on the bed and his eyes grew more murderous. “The only thing I can do now is to kill her and go beg for forgiveness from the Chieftain!”

    Ah Yue was so anxious that tears were about to fall from her eyes and she went on to beg: “Grandfather, can you just pretend you did not see any of this? It’s been so long and weren’t you entirely clueless all this time? I have hidden her very well all this time and I will make sure no one finds out!”

    The old man then roared in anger: “What has the woman bewitched you with that you have to protect her like this? Do not for a moment think that you will be able to get out of being for bringing in an outsider among us. Not only will you be severely punished, even your Grandfather here will suffer for it as well! Wait till I kill this woman here first and I’ll come teach this audacious and reckless little lass a good lesson!”

    Upon saying that, he pushed the tiny little Ah Yue away with a great heave. In his rage, he failed to control his strength and the little girl was flung straight towards the main supporting steel pillar holding the tent up in the middle, hurtling through the air.

    Flung with such great strength straight at such a strong hard metal pillar, together with the high speed the girl was flying, her head would have split apart if she had crashed into it.

    He immediately heard the terrified cry of the little child and the old man’s eyes widened in horror. “Ah Yue~!”