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Chapter 165.2 - Nowadays, All the Girls Always Prefer Icy Glaciers

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 165.2: Nowadays, All the Girls Always Prefer Icy Glaciers

    In that split second of almost certain peril, the eyes of the woman who had remained silent without making a single sound suddenly glinted sharply, and she lifted up a slender finger where a long strand of fine golden thread shot out to wrap around the girl’s waist, that pulled her back to safety.

    In the instant that everything happened, the little girl’s head was merely just one finger’s width away from the steel pillar.

    Just how deep and profound must one’s cultivation be for it to allow one to control their powers with such speed and precision?

    The old man then turned to look at the woman’s eyes, and they have changed completely. With that one glance upon the woman’s countenance, the old man was dazzled for a moment.

    Because, the woman was really so beautiful it was a little surreal.

    In the hundreds of thousand years the Barbarian Tribe had existed, they had probably never seen anyone with such divine looks like one of a celestial being, a higher form of existence born to receive the reverent worship of earthly mortals, and not to be profaned.

    “Who could you possibly be?” The old man had not really cared who the woman was before. But now, upon seeing the woman’s countenance and the extraordinary aura exuding from her, he quickly came to realize that this woman was not someone he would be able to stop at all.

    But the woman was someone his granddaughter had brought back afterall, so he could not possibly not do anything about it at all.

    Ah Yue who had just managed to survive from such a close shave then said weakly: “Grandfather, she lost her memory and does not even know who she is herself. Moreover her soul is wrecked and incomplete, so her condition fluctuates greatly, sometimes good, and gets very bad at times.”

    “Her soul is incomplete?” The old man’s eyes widened in surprise. “Could she be someone who is being persecuted by other powers? You’ve really brought back some great trouble!”

    Ah Yue’s lips curved downwards, looking aggrieved as she said: “She is no trouble at all. I felt very close to her the first time I saw her and I liked her a lot. She might even be linked to our Barbarian Tribe in some way!”

    Those words were not something she had uttered without thinking. It must be known that though Ah Yue was thought to be just a nobody with her weak and unpolished skill in martial arts, she was well accomplished as one of the best in medical skills within the tribe.

    And besides her medical skills, she also had an ability she was born with, and that was her gut instinct, which had been shown to be incredibly accurate. There was even one occasion where her unbelievably accurate instinct had saved the Tribe Chieftain who almost lost his life.

    She had contributed greatly to the Barbarian tribe and gained significant merit!

    So when the old man heard his granddaughter’s words, though he did not believe them fully, he thought they might have an ounce of truth in them.

    [Could it be that this woman really has ties with the Barbarian Tribe?]

    But before he could give it any more thought, the sound of running footsteps reached his ears from outside, with voices raised up from further away asking: “Old Ji, what happened? I thought I heard your little Ah Yue scream just now!”

    The old man’s face immediately changed. [Oh darn. They’ve drawn everyone’s attention. It will be hard to conceal it now.]

    Ah Yue’s eyes turned to look around and an idea suddenly came to mind. It was not known what she had pulled out from her hip when she suddenly slapped it upon her smooth skinned arm. A purplish green bruise immediately formed and it looked exceptionally prominent against her fair white skin.