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Chapter 165.3 - Nowadays, All the Girls Always Prefer Icy Glaciers

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 165.3: Nowadays, All the Girls Always Prefer Icy Glaciers

    The old man looked at the little girl in bafflement, not knowing what the lass was thinking to do once again.

    He then saw Ah Yue go walking out of the tent to apologise to everyone outside. “I’m sorry to have woken everyone from your sleep. I accidentally hit myself on a table and it was so painful I could not stop myself from letting out a scream.”

    The young girl revealed her arm that she had been covering up and everyone could see the garish green and purple bruise upon her fair skinned arm, all of them quickly becoming sympathetic.

    “Little girl, that’s really careless of you. How did you bump into the table half asleep like that? Hurry up inside to get that wound treated and all of us had better disperse and go back to our tents.”

    Seeing that it was nothing all that serious, they all yawned and went on back to bed.

    Ah Yue heaved a soft sigh of relief inside before she turned around to go back inside. When she saw the frightened and worried look on the old man’s face, she stuck her tongue out and said: “Grandfather, everything’s fine now!”

    “You rascally imp.” The old man said as he patted the little girl on her head, feeling angry and wanting to laugh out loud at the same time.

    Ah Yue lifted up her chin proudly. “I told you that they will not find out. Grandfather is just making a mountain out of a molehill.”

    The old man shook his head and sighed. “But this still does not solve everything.”

    Ah Yue’s brows furrowed up, her mouth moving like she wanted to say something, but she did not dare to give voice to the audaciously daring plan in her mind.

    Because she knew without having to say anything, that Grandfather would never agree to it.

    The woman of unmatchable beauty had her eyes narrowed as she listened to the conversation between the old man and his grandchild quietly. It was only after a long while that her soft gentle voice then sounded. “The elderly senior can be assured that I will not remain her for long.”

    Ah Yue was immediately anxious when she heard that. “You spirit soul is not complete and you do not even know who you are, so you cannot leave this place on your own. Do you know how dangerous it is out there and moreover, you are so beautiful looking.”

    The old man contemplated deeply for a moment before he then opened his mouth to say: “You can….. leave after you’ve regained your memory. I’ll take it as if I had not come here today.”

    When she heard that, Ah Yue quickly said thankfully: “Thank you Grandfather!”

    The edges of the woman’s lips curled up slightly with a smile and lowered her eyes to look at her body that had grown more solid over the past few months. She then said in a soft voice: “I am very grateful for the kindness you have shown me. Although I am still unable to recall my past, in terms of the ability to protect myself….. I think I should be fine. Moreover, my soul fragments are scattered all over the world so I need to go find them, to become a whole person once again.”

    “But how are you going to find your soul fragments?” Ah Yue asked, her tiny face creased with worry.

    The woman gave a soft laugh, her beautiful eyes gentle as she looked at the little girl. “Do you know why the faint ephemeral soul that I was back when you first found me has now turned to possess a solid flesh body like this?”