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Chapter 166.1 - Are You Taking Liberties With Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 166.1: Are You Taking Liberties With Me?

    Yan Ning Luo looked at the tall and slender figured man with a cold icy countenance before her, and with a clean slight smile on her face, she said: “Have you gotten yourself well adjusted here in the Faint Mist Sect?”

    Qing Ye Li replied indifferently. “Everything’s fine.”

    After that, his deep penetrating gaze suddenly turned to look someplace, and the expression on his face changed, like his vacant eyes had finally found something to focus on, that one and only person. It seemed as if nothing else was worth his attention at all, his eyes watching intently.

    Yan Ning Luo’s brows knitted together as she turned around to see. Without even having to even guess, she already knew who it was.

    As long as Yan Qing Yu appears, Qing Ye Li’s eyes would never leave that figure.

    Her eyes immediately darkened and she went on to ask in a soft voice: “You and Qing Yu….. When did you come to know each other?”

    Hearing her words, Qing Ye Li merely responded curtly with two cold words. “Long ago.”

    Yan Ning Luo’s fingers tightened. “I first met you when I was just eight, and now, it has already been ten years. She….. knew you longer than I have?”

    [How is that even possible? At that time, Yan Qing Yu was weak and incompetent, timid and afraid of trouble, always hiding away from everyone. How would Qing Ye Li ever pay attention to someone like her? And was she even worth his attention at all?]

    Qing Ye Li turned around with his eyes narrowed. “We grew up together from a very young age. I am indebted to her for being the person who gave me a new lease of life and she is the most important person to me.”

    Yan Ning Luo’s eyes widened. “That is not possible. You are from the Water’s Edge Kingdom and it is so far away from us. Moreover, you only came to the Water’s Edge Kingdom fifteen years ago, so how could you have possibly grown up together with Yan Qing Yu?”

    But she had just finished saying those words when she suddenly remembered something which made her freeze.

    [Wait a minute…..]

    [It seems like….. Qing Ye Li isn’t from the Water’s Edge Kingdom. In fact, he was not from this land at all.]

    [It was said that he had descended from another star, one who came here traversing through time.]

    [So, when he said they grew up together….]

    Yan Ning Luo immediately raised her eyes to look at the faraway petite figure. “Could it be that Yan Qing Yu is also from another world?”

    []If that was the case, then everything would make sense.

    [It would explain how a shy and timid girl who looked so highly unremarkable, could have suddenly turned into a flawless beauty with profound cultivation, and was an all element wielder who possessed maxed out levels in soul power and martial strength, together with all the other unbelievable things that had occurred.]

    [It would seem like she was no longer that frail and incompetent, lowly little commoner child in the Eternal Peace Duke’s Manor since a long time ago, but was actually someone from another world who possessed mysterious and unfathomable powers like Qing Ye Li.]

    [Then, what other possibilities were there?]

    Yan Ning Luo turned to face a direction where her eyes could not be seen, where they then darkened with a sharp glint.

    [Her self perceived sense of superiority, her noble status, and the fact that she had known Qing Ye Li for a long decade, the unique relationship she shared with Qing Ye Li that no one was able to surpass, had all just been nothing more than a joke in Yan Qing Yu’s eyes.]