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Chapter 166.2 - Are You Taking Liberties With Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 166.2: Are You Taking Liberties With Me?

    She then recalled how Yan Qing Yu had looked with that imperceptible smile on her face with that slight upcurl of her lips. [Had she been laughing at her all this time?]

    [Ha ha….. What a joke.]

    No wonder a man as cold and heartless as Qing Ye Li who kept people at arm’s length showed so much gentle concern only to her, seemingly giving all the patience and warmth in him just to that girl alone.

    Qing Ye Li did not notice the changing expressions on Yan Ning Luo’s face, but was only staring at the young lady who had been approaching suddenly pause in her steps, before turning to walk off in another direction.

    Over on the other side, Qing Yu who had wanted to avoid the pair when she saw Yan Ning Luo with Qing Ye Li, suddenly felt pain at the back of her head. Something had struck her.

    She tilted her head back to look and saw upon a tree branch above, a familiar bit of cloth exposed.

    Qing Yu lifted an eyebrow. [This fella really thinks that he has hidden himself very well?]

    [If he likes being so mischievous, then she’ll have to teach him a good lesson today.]

    The light petite figure leapt soundlessly and landed high up upon a tree branch before she moved like a lightning flash behind the thick trunk of the tree, seeking to drag out the scoundrel who ambushed her.

    Never had she thought that when she slipped herself to the back of the trunk, what she saw was not a certain beast she had expected to see, but someone who had suddenly sprouted out after having gone missing for a long time.

    Stunned into a daze, she quickly retracted the hand she had gripping on the guy’s collar. But as she had been moving too quickly, it was already too late. The branch under her feet shook and quivered from her sudden halt of her movements and it was seen that her body was tipping over, almost about to fall off.

    The expression on the man’s face immediately changed and a large hand reached out to hold her by the waist, before pulling her in into a full embrace.

    Instinctively, Qing Yu’s hands held on tightly to the man’s clothes, her long narrow eyes wide with shock as they stared.

    Lou Jun Yao was tickled by the adorable look on her face and his voice was low and melodious as he said: “What? You’re so excited to see me?”

    Qing Yu could not help but roll her eyes and said in indignant anger: “Excited? I almost had my life frightened out of me!”

    Lou Jun Yao then raised an eyebrow. “Am I that terrifying?”

    “So full of nonsense. Little wonder you’re the Lord of that dumb beast. Not only do both of you like to climb trees, you both like to throw things at people from your perch.” Qing Yu snorted derisively before she squirmed her way out of his embrace. She was just about to get off the tree when Lou Jun Yao suddenly laughed softly and pulled her back.

    Qing Yu turned her eyes around to look at him. “What else do you want?”

    Lou Jun Yao lifted his chin up slightly to signal her to look. “Your little lover boy seems to be rather close to that woman over there!”

    Qing Yu followed the direction of his gaze to see. Yan Ning Luo had her back facing her and she did not know what she was saying. Qing Ye Li’s face was indifferent, his brows slightly creased, looking rather impatient.