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Chapter 166.3 - Are You Taking Liberties With Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 166.3: Are You Taking Liberties With Me?

    Watching Lou Jun Yao’s highly amused face, Qing Yu opened her mouth and went on to say softly: “Little Ye is like kin to me, and not my lover. But even though that might be the case…..”

    Her words suddenly stopped , and Lou Jun Yao looked at her with a puzzled look, waiting for her to continue.

    Qing Yu hesitated for awhile before she said: “Although I know that your interests lie in that direction, but….. Bai Zhi Yan has always been very good to you, you must not do anything to let him down.”

    It was Lou Jun Yao’s turn to be stunned this time. “What are you talking about?”

    [Let Bai Zhi Yan down? ?]

    Qing Yu’s brows knitted up tightly, like she was struggling to get the words out of her mouth. “I said, do not harbour any designs towards Little Ye. That will make Bai Zhi Yan very sad.”

    With the intelligent mind that Luo Jun Yao had, he immediately came to realize what she meant The face that was crafted by the hands of the gods suddenly turned shade of black that was deep as ink, but his voice was as normal as it could possibly ever be, except for a hint of sinister danger melded within.

    “You mean to say I am in love with Bai Zhi Yan? And that I like men? ?”

    Qing Yu glanced at him out of the corners of her eyes. “Isn’t that so?”

    [She was always seeing those two men at each others’ throats in such a loving way, their relationship exceptionally close and intimate.]

    [Everytime some small little thing happened to him, Bai Zhi Yan would always look so devastated like the sky had fallen down, becoming more anxious about him than anyone else.

    If they did not share that kind of a relationship, than what was it?]

    Lou Jun Yao felt like she would really be the death of him, really clueless how the lass had come to such a shocking conclusion.

    [But she had reminded him that though the fella Bai Zhi Yan seems like a promiscuous and untethered butterfly all the time, that guy was indeed exceptionally concerned about him. That guy might just really have some weird inclinations that people did not know about.]

    [Seems like they had better maintain a distance from each other.]

    If Bai Zhi Yan was aware of the thoughts going through Lou Jun Yao’s mind at that moment, he would probably die on the spot from anger.

    [But….. that is what the lass really thinks of him?]

    Lou Jun Yao suddenly felt disgust rise up inside as he held the young lady’s slender waist in his arm. His good looking face then showed an evil smile as he slowly leaned in close to her, his warm breath splashing over the smooth skin of the young lady’s neck. His voice was low and alluringly magnetic as he said: “Although I do not know how you came up with such a horrifying thought in your mind, but….. don’t you want to try and see whether I really like men or not?”

    The man’s face was just inches away, till his thick luscious eyelashes could be clearly seen. But Qing Yu’s face remained calm and composed, instead of turning red faced while the heart beat furiously when faced with such a situation like most girls. Her lips parted slightly. “If I am not mistaken, you are here in the Faint Mist Sect today as a teacher?”

    Lou Jun Yao had obviously not expected her to change the topic and then jumped such a far distance away from him, but he still went on to answer her: “That’s right.”

    “So, Teacher, are you at this moment….. showing a good example of what a teacher should be like, to take liberties with a disciple?” Qing Yu asked with a mirthless smile.