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Chapter 167.2 - Steal a Kiss with a Stoic Face

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 167.2: Steal a Kiss with a Stoic Face

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyebrow raised up. “What’s wrong?”

    Qing Yu glanced at him and then turned her gaze to look into another direction. “Where are you hurt? You can remove your robe yourself.”

    “Haha, are you feeling shy now?” Lou Jun Yao came to understand her actions and could not help but laugh out loud before saying teasingly.

    Qing Yu glared at him angrily. “Hurry up and take your robe off. When the others come back, I will not care whether you live or die.”

    Lou Jun Yao shook his head in helplessness. “Such a fierce one.”

    Though his mouth was complaining, his hands were already moving to slowly undo his belt before taking off the deep purple outer robe. Upon the white under robe he wore inside, traces of blood could be faintly seen.

    [Could she have pushed him too hard just now?]

    Qing Yu’s brows creased up as she watched him take off his robe completely, to reveal his lean muscular torso. The muscles were well defined, the lines on his body beautiful, and the smooth fair skin he had would really make ladies jealous.

    But on that perfectly shaped body, several deep gashes seemingly from a claw could be seen.

    Qing Yu’s brows immediately tightened together. “Those wounds are deep! Why were you so careless? If they had gone in any deeper, I think your organs would have been torn to pieces!”

    Lou Jun Yao laughed softly. “Don’t we have a Divine Healer here?”

    “That doesn’t mean you can do this to yourself! I was the one who saved your life and if you do not treasure it and want to court your own death, I should be the one that takes your life with my own two hands.” Qing Yu said in a highly displeased tone, the movements of her hands becoming rough and callous, like she wanted him to remember this as a lesson.

    Lou Jun Yao blew out a long breath, looking like he was in great pain, his voice a little mournful as he said: “If you continue being so brutal, I would be dead from the torment here under your hands before anyone even plots against me.”

    Qing Yu burst out in laughter before giving the man a scathing glance. She did not say anything to him after that but her hands’ actions became quite a bit more gentle.

    It was not known whether it was due to her exemplary medical skills, but the moment the comfortingly cold salve was applied on the wound, he immediately felt the pain reduced by a good half, where he could even faintly sense that the rather drained spirit power in his body was slowly starting to recover.

    Lou Jun Yao was a little taken aback. “What kind of medicine is that? It’s amazing.”

    Qing Yu replied as she bandaged up his wound. “It’s just regular soothing salve for wounds. Are you feeling that the wound is healing and your spirit energy is recovering? That is because back when I purged the grub poison and dispelled the Emotion Devouring Curse for you, I cleansed your meridians and renewed your body’s core essence, so all your old injuries and afflictions have been cured. Moreover, most regular poisons can’t do much to you at all, which is clearly shown by the fact that the spirit beast’s poisonous claws have had no effect on you.”

    ‘So I see.” Lou Jun Yao nodded his head in comprehension and his violet eyes rippled with smiles. “Looks like I’ve really gotten myself a great bargain. Just a wisp of Polar Fire Core in exchange for a prodigious Elixir Cultivator. That is as good as gaining another life!”