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Chapter 167.3 - Steal a Kiss with a Stoic Face

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 167.3: Steal a Kiss with a Stoic Face

    Qing Yu’s face was expressionless as she shot him a glance to say: “Do not always think that you will be so lucky. If you are to turn up before me in such a detestable state again, I’ll do you a favour and send you on your way earlier.”

    Lou Jun Yao laughed. “You wouldn’t.”

    Qing Yu gave a snort of derision. After she finished up with her treatment of his wounds, his arm got snagged in his clothes behind his back. As it was a little inconvenient for him in his current condition, she went on to kindly help pull the robe up for him, slipping it over his shoulder.

    The scene where the young lady had her head lowered as she helped the handsome man put on his clothes so seriously, could not be any more heartwarming.

    Her slender arms reaching around him on both sides, looked as if she was hugging him. And the distance between them was very close, so close they could hear the soft sound of each other’s breath.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes suddenly took on a deep and profound look. When the young lady bent down to help him secure his belt, before he even knew what was happening, both his arms had for some unknown reason inexplicably come to surround the young lady’s waist.

    Qing Yu’s movements immediately froze, her brows knitted up together as she looked at him. “What are you doing?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s palm then held the young lady’s waist, his fingers gently tightening its grip. “Why does it feel as if you’ve lost weight again? Is the food in the Faint Mist Sect really that bad?”

    Qing Yu smacked his rascally hands away. “The best thing they have here is their food, and I have always looked like this. When did I lose any weight?”

    “It’s better for ladies to have a little more flesh. Being too skinny is not good for health.” Lou Jun Yao reasoned.

    “I have always been in the pink of health. Why would you find a sickly Elixir Cultivator? You’ve gotta be kidding.” Qing Yu retorted, and then turned around to pack away the numerous bottles on her table. “You’re done. You can put on your outer robe yourself.”

    “Aren’t you supposed to help people all the way? Moreover, if I were to split my wound in a moment of carelessness, I will have to trouble you to bandage me up again.”

    Qing Yu considered his words for a moment and thought that he was right. [The man was dressed only in a thin inner robe here in the middle of winter…..]

    [Where’s the harm? Already helped him with his inner robe anyway, one more wouldn’t make a difference. Who asked her to be indebted to this guy?]

    Qing Yu then went over to fetch his robe in resignation. The man raised his arms out cooperatively as he looked at the young lady’s creased brows. Although not entirely willingly, she went on to help him put on the robe, while the mesmerizing violet eyes filled with a sliver of imperceptible smile.

    “Little fox.” The man’s low magnetic voice sounded softly.

    “Hmm?” Qing Yu responded, her head subconsciously looking up at him. The man’s good looking face was coincidentally just turning to look at her and before she could react at all, something soft pressed against her forehead.

    The two people suddenly froze still in that position.

    Qing Yu was originally helping him put on his outer robe and when she was stunned into a daze, the robe slipped down off his shoulder.

    Lou Jun Yao’s lips were still plastered over the young lady’s fair and smooth forehead and it was a while before he was able to regain his senses. He had not thought that the lass would suddenly raise her head out of the blue, to bump straight into his face.