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Chapter 167.4 - Steal a Kiss with a Stoic Face

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 167.4: Steal a Kiss with a Stoic Face

    Faced with such an unexpected situation despite having lived two lives, Qing Yu blinked her eyes blankly before taking one step back to put some distance between the two of them. Her hands then lifted up to clasp over her forehead, the expression on her face rather dazed. “What….. did you just do?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s face was one of complete innocence. “It was you who suddenly raised your head.”

    “So it’s all my fault?” Qing Yu raised an eyebrow to ask.

    Lou Jun Yao then said self righteously, highly indignant. “I just wanted to ask who you learnt your medical skills from. Who knew that you would suddenly come bump yourself into me? I could not possibly have expected that.”

    “Alright then.” The innocent young lady believed those words to be true and did not probe any further as she quickly moved to help him put on the robe, failing to notice the glint of mischief in the man’s eyes.

    Lou Jun Yao watched her stuff all the numerous bottles and flasks back into the shelves and he opened his mouth to ask: “Has that Feng Tian Hen been bugging you recently?”

    Qing Yu locked up the bottles and turned around to reply: “We’re in the same department afterall, so we’re bound to bump into each other somehow or other. But after Little Ye came here, it seems like the two of them do not get along all that well and Feng Tian Hen has not given me all that much attention, as dealing with Little Ye is already enough to keep his brows furrowed and his mind preoccupied.”

    Feng Tian Hen was the founder of the Deviant Department, and he was also the Chief of all the disciples in the sect’s Inner Circle. But as Qing Ye Li was also highly well known in these lands and also a teacher in the sect, Feng Tian Hen could not very well openly put himself in conflict with Qing Ye Li.

    That came to greatly reduce the amount of attention Feng Tian Hen put on Qing Yu.

    Upon hearing her mouth Little Ye with every sentence, a form of address that was put forth so naturally and intimate sounding, Lou Jun Yao curled up the ends of his lips and said in a voice laden with underlying meaning: “Qing Ye Li’s actions makes him seem like he is at odds with Feng Tian Hen, but he is actually trying to divert away the attention Feng Tian Hen places on you. He really cares a lot about you.”

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and was just about to say something when the sound of footsteps was heard outside the door. The clear voice of a woman was then heard: “Qing Ye Li, can you let me finish what I have to say?”

    “I only seek to love you quietly. Can’t I even do that?”

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes in astonishment. [Is that Yan Ning Luo? To think a person as haughty and arrogant as her would….. confess her feelings like that?]

    Lou Jun Yao lifted an eyebrow feeling rather amused before turning to look at Qing Yu. “Looks like….. the man is in high demand!”

    Qing Yu snorted in contempt at the man, the expression on her face proud and haughty. “Of course! Even without his powers, just that face of his is enough to throw a girl’s heart into turmoil. If Little Ye is not so cold and distant, I would think that great numbers of women will be coming here to the Deviant Department to try to see if they bump into him by chance!”

    “Oh?” Lou Jun Yao’s eyes deepened, the expression on his face lazy and indifferent as he looked at the lass, the devilishly handsome countenance looking highly alluring, drawing one to fall into a boundless sea of desire, almost enticing one to commit a crime. His thin lips suddenly parted slightly, his voice low and faintly raspy as he said: “How….. then would I do, compared to him?”