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Chapter 168.2 - Lou Jun Yao….. Is A Pervert ?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 168.2: Lou Jun Yao….. Is A Pervert ?

    Yan Ning Luo’s voice sounded as if she was a little choked up. “Do you really not feel anything at all? Even if you cannot reciprocate, do you have to push me away at arm’s length like this? Or could it be….. you already have someone in your heart?”

    Hearing Qing Ye Li reject her so mercilessly, even Qing Yu was a little taken aback. She had initially thought that although Little Ye did not really love Yan Ning Luo, he would at least not dislike her.

    [He was always a man of few words and was never good at expressing himself well, always relaying his feelings through his actions. At least, with herself excepted, Yan Ning Luo was the only other girl who seemed to be a little closer to him, whom he had not rejected outright.]

    [But right before her now, he had just denied her very candidly.]

    [Has he really fallen for someone else?]

    And when Qing Ye Li’s voice rang out once more, it had become even more icy, the chill reaching into one’s bones. “I will not like anyone else.”

    “Then what about Qing Yu? Do you dare say that you do not like her too?” Yan Ning Luo sounded like she was about to lose her composure, her voice rising up shrilly. She stared straight at the man and then said: “You do not like anyone from coming too close to you but allow only Qing Yu to touch you. You are cold and heartless to everyone else but soft and gentle only to her. It’s all because you like her right?”

    Her words felt somewhere interrogative which caused the aura around Qing Ye Li to turn thick and heavy, as if the secret hidden in his heart that he did not want anyone to know about had been pricked.

    At that very moment, the gaze that Qing Ye Li was looking at her with seemed like he was looking at a dead person, filled with cold chilling murder, an icy blade slicing into Yan Ning Luo’s heart.

    Yan Ning Luo suddenly laughed softly and her eyes turned misty, as if something was about to spill out. But she fought to hold it back, unwilling to appear so lowly and wretched before the man.

    “Qing Ye Li, you’re pathetic.” Yan Ning Luo said, engulfed in self scorn.

    The man’s dark green eyes deepened. “What did you say?”

    Yan Ning Luo looked fixedly at the man, pausing at every word. “Because she does not love you at all, so you do not dare to let her know, afraid that she will distance herself from you forever. You do not even dare to admit your love for her?”

    Qing Ye Li looked at her without any expression on her face, and it was after a moment that his lips then curled up, to reveal a scathing cold smile.

    Yan Ning Luo was greatly taken aback.

    The only shortcoming with that flawlessly exquisite countenance of Qing Ye Li’s is that there was seldom a change in its expression, not to mention being able to see him smile.

    But the smile on his face before her eyes at that moment drove a terrifying chill colder than the waning winter’s moon outside.

    His eyes were looking at her but they were blank and vacant, like they saw nothing at all, seemingly sad, desolate and dead.

    Yan Ning Luo was suddenly flustered, feeling lost and helpless. “Qing Ye Li, I…..”