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Chapter 168.3 - Lou Jun Yao….. Is A Pervert ?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 168.3: Lou Jun Yao….. Is A Pervert ?

    “What do you know?” Qing Ye Li came to say. “From now on, do not appear before me again.”

    The tall and lean figure turned around and gradually walked off far into the distance. In the span of just a few blinks, he had disappeared without a trace.

    Yan Ning Luo’s face went pale and raised her voice to call out to him: “Qing Ye Li~~”

    A pity, but there was no response incoming. She bit down on her lip, and then quickly walked off into another direction.

    After awhile, the door opened very slowly. Qing Yu’s brows were furrowed tightly together and the expression on her face was rather complicated as she stood at the door.

    “Why, aren’t you going to leave in pursuit?” Lou Jun Yao asked as he leaned against the wall just behind her, his voice lazy and slovenly.

    Qing Yu was silent for a moment before she shook her head slightly. “Better not. Little Ye should be in a rather bad mood now….. because he probably does not love me at all, and Yan Ning Luo is just mistaken.”

    Lou Jun Yao almost laughed out loud at her words. “He doesn’t like you and he is angry because he was misunderstood?”

    Qing Yu lifted an eyebrow and looked at him, feeling a little puzzled. “Isn’t that what just happened?”

    Lou Jun Yao suddenly stretched his hand out to ruffle her head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “Little Fox, you’re such a precious treasure.”

    To think that a lass that was always so smart and intelligent was so oblivious about this. [Qing Ye Li is obviously so head over heels in love with you that he is almost going to lose himself. How can she possibly say something so adorably naive here?]

    Caught off guard and got her head ruffled, Qing Yu glared at Lou Jun Yao and said: “Just use your mouth to speak. Why do you need to touch me? I am not a puppy!”

    Someone must have forgotten that the thing she liked to do the most was to violate her younger brother’s head as well.

    Lou Jun Yao laughed out loud. “Yeah yeah yeah, you’re not a puppy. How can a puppy possibly be as adorable as you?”

    “Lou Jun Yao, are you asking for a beating?” Qing Yu’s face was darker than the bottom of a pot. If not for the fact that he had come in here to help her, she would have bashed this foul mouthed fella into a cripple.

    “I’m kidding. No need to get mad.”

    Lou Jun Yao always knew when to stop and not go overboard, before things went too far. Seeing the young lady’s tightly knitted brows, he helplessly lowered his head and leaned forward, his voice sounding like he was trying to appease her: “Why not I let you ruffle my head in return?”

    Qing Yu was taken aback a moment. Seeing the man’s handsome face so close to her, for some unknown reason, the awkward and embarrassing scene from before suddenly came into her mind. Her cheeks burned up, and she stretched her hand out to push him away, before she said in a huff: “Childish.”

    The feeling of the young lady’s tiny soft hand upon his cheek was subtly sublime, and when she retracted her hand, the man suddenly held onto her arm.

    “What are you doing now?” Qing Yu asked as she glared at him.

    The man just curved up the ends of his lips to reveal a devilishly smile, his violet eyes sparkling brightly as he stared at her. His large hand slowly tightened its grip on her arm, as he brought her hand up to press against his cheek.