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Chapter 168.4 - Lou Jun Yao….. Is A Pervert ?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 168.4: Lou Jun Yao….. Is A Pervert ?

    Qing Yu’s hand usually felt cold, but pressed against the man’s cheek, it became toasty warm. His hand was similarly heating up, her arm burning under the man’s grip, which caused her heart to fill up with a hot flush.

    “You…..” The expression on the face of the usually candid and magnanimous young lady turned into one looking like a startled little fawn, her alluring phoenix like eyes staring wide in shock, seemingly highly flustered, her beautiful face unconsciously tinged pink.

    “Lou Jun Yao, what are you doing?”

    Qing Yu pulled hard to retract her hand. Though it was with such great force, the man’s hand did not move in the slightest, her hand held tightly in his grip. It was skillfully held, as even though she was unable to break free, it did not hurt her in the slightest.

    Qing Yu’s face turned a brighter red, and she said highly infuriated: “Have you been possessed? Why are you acting so strange today?”

    [What does this damned thug here really want by holding her hand and refusing to let go?]

    [When had their relationship progressed to become so close that such intimate actions were permissible?]

    [He must have had a screw knocked loose from the crash with the spirit beast that ambushed him.]

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao merely squeezed her fingers and mumbled softly: “I am also feeling rather curious whether I have been possessed. Why do I feel so happy whenever I see the little fox that you are?”

    Qing Yu immediately felt a chill run through her and she lifted her other hand up discreetly to clasp over his wrist. But with the treatment she gave him earlier, his pulse has settled down to a steady pace, and could not be anymore normal, nothing that would suggest he was possessed.

    “Let go of my hand first so I can look you over properly.” Qing Yu said in an attempt to negotiate.

    Lou Jun Yao contemplated for a moment and felt that he was indeed acting rather abnormally, so he released his grip on her wrist. But what he had not expected was for the young lady before his eyes to execute a teleportation technique in the very next instant, disappearing right before his eyes before he could even react.

    Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow. [She actually ran away?]

    He’s gotta be kidding. Doesn’t he realize what kind of a freakish pervert who holds some kind of warped indulgences he must look like in Qing Yu’s eyes now? If she does not run away there and then, when was she supposed to wait until?