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Chapter 169.1 - A Great Battle Caused By Good Looking Men

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 169.1: A Great Battle Caused By Good Looking Men

    [Qing Ye Li and that young lady undoubtedly knew each other.]

    [Could this Lou Bai Qian possibly have come here because of her as well?]

    The smile on Feng Tian Hen’s face deepened. [Ha! What a captivating little lass she is to have so many people keep such a careful watch on her.]

    [But, he will never allow anyone else to covet anything that he seeks to have.]


    Bright Moon Temple

    “A bunch of useless good for nothings!”

    A great surge of power behind the curtain veil blasted out which threw everyone kneeling below back, and to vomit out a mouthful of blood.

    “Temple Lord please calm your anger. Your subordinates have really done everything they can, but that place is not anywhere that all of us were able to get into…..” The people below the pedestal ignored the pain their bodies were feeling and resumed back to their kneeling positions, their voices quivering as they begged.

    “Oh? So I should not punish all of you?” The woman asked with a laugh, her voice carrying a hint of icy murder. “How could all of you possibly allow her to escape into that place? Not to mention that it is impossible to recapture her, she might be able to regather her fragmented spirit soul! If she ever regains the power she held back at her peak, the entire Bright Moon Temple will then cease to exist. To think that you are the most elite assassins of the sacred temple, this is an absolute disgrace!”

    “Temple Lord, so what if she regains her power? That man is already dead. With her power alone, we might still stand a chance of winning if we fight her with everything we have!”

    The woman’s eyes shone with a sharp glint, like she was recalling about something in the past. Her lips then curled up in scorn: “He died….. I do really wish that he is truly dead as well…..”

    [She had clearly seen his lifeless body, and he was no longer breathing.]

    [Haha, the two people she had loved the most….. How ironic….. that she had killed them with her own hands.]

    [Wasn’t it good enough if everything had just remained the same?]

    [Why? Why betray her?]

    “How are things in the Dark Lands?” Recollecting back her thoughts, she then asked softly.

    “Ever since the Dark Lord returned, the security at the Dark Lands’ borders has tightened up, and we have not heard a single sound from the people who installed in there ever since. They have probably been discovered.”

    “Hmm, seems like Lou Jun Yao has noticed something. They have tightened the security in the Dark Lands because he is not here in Cloud Heaven at all.” The woman laughed mockingly, a tempest rising up out of nowhere within her beautiful eyes. “In order to resurrect that woman, Lou Jun Yao has not spared any effort. That woman is really fortunate. No matter when, there is always someone who is willing to give up everything for her.”


    [She thinks it’s probably envy, something she yearned so much for, sprouted out from greed, that gave rise to the murder she felt inside.]

    “Fei Er, you’re still alive. That’s good.” A man’s gentle voice said lovingly, that sounded right by her ear.

    Qing Lan Fei’s willowy brows creased slightly, as she fell deep into a dream.

    “Who are you?”

    [Why can’t she see his face clearly? But his voice….. felt so familiar that she felt tears surging up inside.]

    [Did they know each other in the past?]