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Chapter 169.3 - A Great Battle Caused By Good Looking Men

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “I heard from Grandfather that the Tribe Chieftain….. killed quite a number of people over the past few days.”

    “Seldom does he even raise his voice when he talks, why had he turned to become so bloodthirsty?”

    Qing Lan Fei looked at the little girl and said: “Since that is the case, aren’t you afraid?”

    Ah Yue stuck her tongue out mischievously. “I am the Barbarian Tribe’s most highly skilled little genius doctor. I am not afraid at all!”

    “Mm, Ah Yue is indeed really very skilled.” Qing Lan Fei said with a smile.

    Hearing herself being praised, the adorable little girl’s face flushed red, and she scratched her head feeling a little embarrassed.


    ‘Teacher, I have not been able to summon up the energy clumped up in my dantian recently, making it impossible to focus my energy during cultivation. I really do not know where the problem lies, can you tell me what am I doing wrong?”

    The pretty looking little girl asked the tall and muscular figure before her with a tinge of bashfulness in her eyes, the man’s countenance devilishly handsome, his body exuding a lazy languid air around him.

    He lay reclining his back against the tree, his captivating jet black eyes slightly narrowed as he stared into the faint light above his head, where glittering stars reflected within that pair of intoxicatingly alluring eyes, causing one’s heart to stir irrepressibly, unable to help themselves but want to get close.

    Not too far away, a group of people hid themselves as they watched the spectacle.

    “Our new teachers coming in really has one even more handsome looking than the next! See, even our Deviant Department’s most reserved little imp whose heart has little desire for anything has been stirred up!”

    “That’s right. Didn’t our sect’s greatest beauty come here so often in the past few days wanting to know Qing Ye Li better? But look at this now. I think this Lou Bai Qian is on a much higher level, looking exactly like a male seductive demon and going around to tempt and bewitch people everywhere. I heard that one of the Elders from the Elders Council has been coming to deliver food to him and I think the meaning behind that is clear to see!”

    “I highly suspect that he came here to the Faint Mist Sect to seduce women.”

    “Don’t say that about him will you? Teacher Lou possesses real capabilities. He even helped me to breakthrough to the next level a while ago! He is just blessed with good looks and who can you blame for that?”

    “She’s right, although our two teachers are strange and eccentric, but they are truly highly skilled! One is a well known powerful pugilist, and the other is a legendary recognized seven star grade teacher. I would be inclined to think that it is a big gain for our Deviant Department you know? All of you should not be such sour grapes and be jealous of their immense popularity with the ladies.”

    The person saying that was the doll faced young girl who was skilled with poisons. After having observed the situation for a period, she was completely convinced by the two new teachers. There was nothing she could do, as their faces were really just too convincing.

    Hearing that, the effeminate man immediately snorted derisively and said: “Don’t think I do not know that you changed sides once you saw how good looking they were, always so easily lovestruck. I wonder who is it that was always proclaiming her loyalty to our Chief, but has shifted her target so quickly now. What a starry eyed infatuated idiot.”