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Chapter 169.4 - A Great Battle Caused By Good Looking Men

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 169.4: A Great Battle Caused By Good Looking Men

    “What did you say? I dare you to say that again!” The young girl’s eyes flared wide, almost exploding in anger as she pulled back her sleeves and planted her hands on her hips to say: “You damned transvestite, are you looking for a fight?”

    “A fight it is then. Do you think I am scared of you?” He hates people picking on his looks the most and this girl just called him a transvestite! He disregards even kinship when he gets angry and even if it’s just a young girl, he would not hold back in the slightest!

    Those two were the most explosive duo among all of them and if they were to really fight, with their capability for destruction, it was thought that the whole Deviant Department would be destroyed by them.

    Everyone quickly stepped up to dissuade them. “The two of you should just calm down. Why take things so seriously?”

    “That’s right. Come on, we’re all fellow disciples here and fighting will just hurt the harmony we all share!”

    “All of you better stand back. I am definitely going to beat this damned transvestite up so bad that his own parents would not be able to recognize him!” The doll faced young girl was still right at the tip of anger and she lashed out with a palm strike that pushed the people who came up to hold her back a good distance away.

    Fortunately they managed to dodge in time or they would have vomited out blood from her strike.

    They all then cried out mournfully. “It’s over….. All over…..”

    They saw the girl’s aura turn sharp, and her delicate fingers curl up into claws where several translucent brown orbs shot out from her fingertips. Several kinds of poisonous insects could be seen inside and in the instant that they flew out, the insects broke free from the orbs, filled with a chilling sinister air.

    The effeminate man smiled scornfully and the smile faded from the face of the mischievous prankster, his fair skin covered with a faint golden sheen in an instant. The moment the poisonous insects came into contact with him, a sizzling sound could be heard before they fell limply to the ground.

    “Trifling trick. You think your little bugs will have any effect on me?”

    The young girl laughed out loud in contempt. “Really? I do not believe that you’re invincible and do not have a weak point on your body.”

    Upon saying that, her eyes glinted sharply and she pressed her palms together before her to trace out a circle, chanting as she did that. When everyone saw her stance, their faces all changed and they retreated a far way back into the distance, afraid that they’ll be caught up in the impending disaster.

    Only the dazed Xing Tong was left behind, and by the time he was able to react, it was already too late. Tens of thousands of poisonous insects gradually grew in size right before his eyes, that surrounded him and the effeminate looking man, trapping them good and proper inside.

    The effeminate looking man possessed an ability that gave him a body impervious to blade or spear, immune to fire or poison. But Xing Tong was still too young and even though he had a bonded spirit beast in his body, it would not be able to handle such a great number of poisonous insects at one time, and he just stood there staring blankly.