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Chapter 170.1 - Have You….. Fallen For Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 170.1: Have You….. Fallen For Me?

    “Little Mute! Dodge!”

    Seeing that tragedy was right about to strike, someone could not help but cry out in panic.

    When the effeminate looking man saw that his face sank as well. [Stupid crazy woman!]

    Qing Yu was supposed to go to the Elixir Cultivators Department but as Feng Tian Hen suddenly appeared out of the blue and snatched the prize, Elder Jin nursed a grudge in his heart.

    Upon knowing that Mu Lai was very close to Qing Yu, he frequently used the excuse of facilitating the exchange of techniques and knowledge among fellow disciples to get her to come watch other disciples cultivate elixirs, and to point out their inadequacies, causing her to feel embarrassed and awkward all the time.

    The Elixir Cultivators Department’s First Disciple Tan Lin Ruo would now avoid her whenever he saw her because Elder Jin would be singing her praises to no end. Tan Lin Ruo had witnessed it for himself just how skilled the petite sized girl who was younger than he was, and he was a little ashamed and felt rather inferior.

    And Qing Yu had just returned when she was met with such a harrowing sight. The wasn’t the slightest trace of colour on Xing Tong’s small handsome face as he stood there in a daze, his small frame making him look exceptionally helpless.

    “Xing Tong~”

    Qing Yu’s eyes turned sharp and she was already flying through the air, to charge right into the swarm of many thousands of poisonous insects.

    “Sweet Heavens! Little Junior!”

    [If their Little Junior gets hurt, Chief will surely slaughter them all!”

    The entire gang immediately flew into a fluster, frantically thinking how they were going to rescue the young lady, hopping around in a helpless panic, not knowing what to do.

    The expression on the doll faced young girl changed as well, and though she wanted to retract her move at that moment, it was already too late.

    In that instant, it seemed even the wind went still.

    All the poisonous insects that were almost going to envelop the young lady suddenly hung suspended in midair.

    Everything surrounding that place, including the breeze that brushed past everyone’s faces, the tree branches that swayed under the wind, together with the accumulated snow that occasionally fluttered down from the roof, everything there….. all froze in suspended animation in that one moment.

    The air itself was deathly silent.

    Everyone stared in incredulous disbelief as they saw the man in purple robes stood shielding Qing Yu and the stunned and dazed Xing Tong behind his body, the expression on his face calm without a ripple of emotion as he stared at the doll faced young girl.

    The man who usually had a frivolous and mischievous smile on him was at that moment not showing the slightest hint of a smile on his face, and that was the first time that everyone was seeing another side of this enigma of a man.

    There was clearly not the slightly hint of anger on him, but he made everyone feel fear seep out from the depths of their hearts for no reason, the oppressive aura that exuded out from his body so heavy it was hard to even breathe.

    The doll faced little girl opened her mouth to mumble indistinctly: “Tea….. cher”

    “Games like this are very dangerous. It will not be good if someone gets hurt.” Lou Jun Yao’s voice was low, without a tinge of emotion, which drove a chill to shoot right through the young girl’s heart.