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Chapter 170.2 - Have You….. Fallen For Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 170.2: Have You….. Fallen For Me?

    “I’ve realized my mistake, Teacher…..” The doll faced young girl bit on her lip, seeming like she was about to break out in tears.

    Lou Jun Yao acknowledged with an indifferent grunt, and then said: “Go carry out your punishment. Copy the Faint Mist Sect’s sect rules ten times and hand it to me tomorrow morning.”

    The Faint Mist Sect’s sect rules, off the top of the head, there were at least several thousand. Ten times…..

    The doll faced young girl begged with an aggrieved face. “Can it be a little less…..”

    “Twenty times.”

    “I’ve got it. I will go start right now.” The young girl then walked away in dismay.

    Lou Jun Yao then turned to look at the effeminate looking man behind. “The two of you opened engaged in battle here, which is a breach of the sect rules. My punishment for her was to copy the sect rules. For you, before sundown today, fill up the ten water urns outside the mountain gates. If you do not complete the task or I come to discover that you cheated with help from others, then it will be a hundred times of the sect’s rules for you.”

    Each one of the ten water urns just outside the Faint Mist Sect’s mountain gates were at least as tall as two grown men’s height, and from now till sundown, there were at most only about six hours’ time left.

    And the effeminate looking man was always most conscious of his own looks, a delicate and thin figure, completely unsuited for such heavy manual labour at all

    Although it was winter and the weather wasn’t stifling hot like summer, it was at that moment the middle of noon and the sun was shining down rather strongly. This was a man who needed to carry an umbrella over his head whenever he steps out and he could not help himself but to shout with a roar: “Lou Bai Qian, what right do you have to punish me?”

    Lou Jun Yao curled up his lips. “It seems like you feel rather indignant? Such disrespect to a teacher. It looks like a lesson is in order.”

    “You’re even going to bully someone weaker now?” The effeminate looking man became even angrier.

    Lou Jun Yao broke into a laugh and glanced at him. “Bully the weak? To kill you is as easy as squashing an ant. You really think you’re worthy of having me strike you?”

    “You…..!” The effeminate looking man’s face reddened with rage.

    “You can continue to haggle and complain, but if those urns are not filled by sundown, you will not want to know the consequences.” Lou Jun Yao said with an absolutely harmless smile.

    Sensing deep down inside that the man was definitely not kidding, no matter how indignant and angry the effeminate looking man felt, he could do nothing but resign himself to his fate as he went on to carry water. As he walked away, he turned to look at several of the guys closest to him, hoping that they would help him. In the end, all of them avoided his eyes like he was some dangerous calamitous beast, running far away from there.

    “…..” [A bunch of traitors!]

    With the two people who started the fight punished, the other people then became afraid that they might be implicated for no reason, quickly scattering like startled birds.

    Xing Tong looked at Qing Yu gratefully and when he saw the look in Lou Jun Yao’s eyes, a shiver ran through his entire body and he went running far into the distance away from the man.