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Chapter 170.3 - Have You….. Fallen For Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 170.3: Have You….. Fallen For Me?

    With only Qing Yu who was still there and had not left, she then stared at the eyes that had been altered black on the man for a moment and then tilted her head to one side before she asked: “You’re in a bad mood? Why did you punish them?”

    Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow. “They broke the rules and created trouble by fighting here which disturbed the sect’s peace. Shouldn’t I punish them?”

    Qing Yu’s face was one of surprise as she looked at him. “You are now….. looking more and more like what a teacher should be.”

    “I am a teacher.” Lou Jun Yao scoffed and then went walking over closer to her. He held her by her shoulders and turned her to face him. “And I haven’t reprimanded you yet. What did you think you were doing just now? You completely disregarded your own safety to go save that kid. Do you really think that you’re invincible?”

    “I’m fine now aren’t I? I moved only because I am confident that I will not get hurt. I am a selfish person and will never do anything that disadvantages me.” Qing Yu said with an indifferent laugh.

    “Is that so?” Lou Jun Yao challenged with an indiscernible smile. “Why do I seem to remember when you were dispelling the curse I was afflicted with, you went on to take on the full brunt of the backlash in order to protect me from being hurt which resulted in you losing consciousness from severe injuries?”

    Qing Yu was stumped for words with that retort.

    [How was she supposed to respond to that? That she did it to return the favour for the Polar Fire Core?]

    [This fella really remembers things in the past so well. If not for the fact that she was hurt that time, he wouldn’t have discovered that she was really a girl in disguise so early.]

    Seeing the young lady at a loss for words and unable to retort, Lou Jun Yao could not help but laugh aloud and stretched his hand out to pinch her cheek as he said softly: “Do not be so foolish next time. Nobody is more important than you and even if you will not get hurt, never put yourself in the way of danger. Do you hear?”

    Qing Yu was shocked by his sudden actions and subconsciously took a step back as she stared at him with an angry glare. “Lou Jun Yao!”

    “Mm.” The man responded with a smile. “I am now called Lou Bai Qian and it will not be good if you expose me by shouting like this.”

    A vein twitched at Qing Yu’s temple. “Can you possibly…..”

    “Hm?” The man lifted an eyebrow to look at her. “What?”

    “Can you possibly be a little more normal?”

    “I’m not normal?”

    “In what way are you normal! ?” Qing Yu closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Can you not do such strange things to me?”

    Lou Jun Yao saw the look of utter exasperation on that tiny face and could not help but break out in laughter. He leaned in closer and asked: “What kind of strange things?”

    With him having moved himself so close to her, Qing Yu retreated a few steps backwards, but there was a tree right behind her. Seeing that the young lady’s slender figure was about to crash into the tree, Lou Jun Yao quickly reached his arm out to slip around her waist, where she knocked right into the crook of the man’s arm.