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Chapter 170.4 - Have You….. Fallen For Me?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     And she was trapped there in between the tree and the man.

    “Lou Jun Yao! Keep in mind that we’re out here in public!” Qing Yu lifted her hand to push at his shoulder, her eyes scanning around at the surrounding area. “Let go of me now!”

    “You have not told me what kind of strange things do you mean?” Lou Jun Yao lowered his eyes and repeated his question.

    It was probably because he was in such a great mood that a faint tinge of violet could be seen sparkling beneath those altered black eyes, looking exceptionally attractive.

    “What you are doing right now is strange!” Qing Yu said with a stifled shout. “If anyone sees a teacher like you molesting a female disciple like this, let’s see how you are going to continue to remain in this place.”

    “Oh? So I am molesting you now?” Lou Jun Yao asked with a deep meaningful smile. “I have been wronged. Why not….. I make that a reality then?”

    “You dare! ?” Qing Yu stared with her eyes wide, shocked that the man could be so shamelessly despicable. “Aren’t you the best of friends with my mother? By doing this to her daughter, don’t you feel the slightest bit of guilt?”

    “Heh heh. Little fox, seems like you have quite a bad memory.” Lou Jun Yao lowered his head to look down at her and say. “Didn’t you say….. that you’re from another world? So Aunt Lan and you are slightly linked only by the blood in this flesh shell of yours. So why would I even feel any guilt?”

    Qing Yu was so infuriated by his reasoning that she almost wanted to laugh. Her phoenix like eyes suddenly lifted slightly as she stared right at him, her exquisitely flawless beautiful face breaking into a smile that could move the heart of all living things as her lips parted to say softly: “So, what you are doing now is an attempt to express…..”

    Lou Jun Yao was so entranced by the young lady’s intentionally enticing smile that his gaze grew deep and profound. Upon seeing that she did not finish her sentence, he went on to ask: “Express what?”

    The very next instant, the young lady’s face suddenly moved to come right before his, less than an inch away.

    Lou Jun Yao’s breath caught in his throat.

    [Too close. Feeling as if the moment he opened his mouth to speak and he will come to touch the young lady’s lusciously soft lips that were curled up in an indiscernible smile.]

    When had the young lady who always maintained a distance from him ever come so close to him so intimately? In that instant, a look of uncomfortable awkwardness flashed upon Lou Jun Yao’s face and he turned his head away.

    The young lady then laughed, a breath tinged with a fragrant scent brushing over his ear as her voice sounded, one unlike the supple yielding voice of any other regular young lady, but was instead filled with an unfathomable magnetic allure, plucking at someone’s heartstrings. “Have you discovered that you’ve….. fallen for me?”

    The words sounded highly familiar, words that Little Monster had just uttered the other day.

    [Lou Jun Yao, you’ve fallen for her.]