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Chapter 171.1 - Bipolar….. Devil

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 171.1: Bipolar….. Devil

    The young lady, was born with a pair of eyes that were able to seduce people into devilry.

    With those eyes born upon that flawlessly beautiful face, it was even more devastating in their capability to bring down countries and ruin to its people. Even for someone like Lou Jun Yao who had lived for several hundred years, could not help but feel the tranquil lake that his heart was start to stir.

    [Such a seductive little fox!]

    Lou Jun Yao became flustered under her stare, and he raised a hand up to cover over her eyes.

    But even after doing that, he was still able to see the lips curled up in a barely imperceptible smile, that seemed to be mocking him. “What? I read exactly what your mind is thinking and you’re masking humiliation with anger?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s teeth were tightly clenched. “Really feel like giving you a good thrashing!”

    “Oh? Not only do you like to tease the ladies, you also like to beat people up?” Qing Yu said expressionlessly.

    Lou Jun Yao took a deep breath, pushing down the urge of wanting to hit her as he turned to walk away indignantly.

    Qing Yu was astounded. “? ? …..”

    [Men nowadays are all so petty?]

    [She was just pulling his leg. Did he have to get so angry? And she hadn’t even held it against him for the times he was such a scoundrel with his hands!]

    Feng Tian Hen watched from a far distance away for quite a long period, before suddenly turned to leave.

    The good looking youth followed behind his footsteps and it was after a while that he asked: “Chief, who is that young lady? Why do I feel as if you care for her a lot?”

    [It was completely unlike the Chief to do something like that.]

    He then recalled how Feng Tian Hen had acted back on the day he came back to the Faint Mist Sect, when the man had suddenly stared fixedly into the distance, his eyes filled with heated fervour and longing. Thinking back about it, he seemed to remember that it was the back view of a young lady, very much like this young lady here. Could they be….. the same person?

    Feng Tian Hen’s eyes narrowed, and the ends of his lips curved up in an arc. “Do you believe having a previous life?”

    The youth was a little puzzled. “Previous life?”

    “I do not know why myself. But from the first time that I saw her, I’ve had a special feeling in my heart. I feel as if I’ve known her for a very long time and I hear a voice telling me that she is mine.” Feng Tian Hen’s voice was filled with longing, like it was all really as beautiful as he had described.

    After hearing that, the youth was silent for a while before he asked: “Does that mean my Chief likes her? Why not tell her then? It seems like the man we saw just now is interested in the young lady and if Chief does not say anything, others might very well make the first move.”

    Feng Tian Hen watched the young lady’s departing back and his eyes turned dark. “The day will come where she will know who is the most compatible with her. That man is merely just a lowly teacher. Tsk, one will have to pay the price when they delusionally seek for a person who does not belong to them.”

    “Chief, leave that man to me to deal with.” The youth said with murder in his eyes.