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Chapter 171.2 - Bipolar….. Devil

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 171.2: Bipolar….. Devil

    An eyebrow of Feng Tian Hen’s raised up slightly. “That man is not as simple as he looks. If you are careless, you will quickly find yourself at a disadvantage.”

    The youth was indignant as he tried to argue. “Although my cultivation is not as highly profound as my Chief here, but I am at least one of the higher ranked pugilists throughout the entire Constellation Continent. Would I be unable to deal with a mere skirt chaser like him?”

    [That’s right. The way he sees it, that man is just a lecherous skirt chaser who is vying for the same woman with the Chief. But besides being rather good looking with tricks to beguile young ladies and possessing some petty skills in martial arts, that man is a useless good for nothing.]

    If those thoughts were made known to a certain someone, he would surely laugh himself to death.

    As the Lord of the Dark Lands in Cloud Heaven, he was thought to be a petty skirt chaser who preys on young ladies. What a hopeless failure.

    Seeing that the youth’s mind was made up, Feng Tian Hen was helpless, but he did not reject the youth.

    [Just as well, it will be a good opportunity to test just how deep this Lou Bai Qian is.]

    Having gained Feng Tian Hen’s silent acquiescence, the youth went away delightly, leaving Feng Tian Hen to remain there in his spot for a long while as his face changed.

    If anyone were to walk past, they would have seen that strange side of the gentle and refined looking man, the absolutely flawless countenance looking as if it had split in two halves, to become two completely different people.

    One side of the face had an evil sinister smile hanging from it while the other side looked like the face of a bumbling naive youth.

    The man clawed at his head in agony. “You devil! Get out of my body! Get the Hell out~!”

    The heart rending roar of rage tore through the air, not fading for a good while.

    It was like two completely different split personalities, locked in a mad struggle to gain control over the body.

    “Hahaha. You’re being disobedient again? What do you mean by saying its your body? You and I are one, isn’t it?” This voice had clearly come out from the very same mouth, but it sounded highly sinister.

    “What do you really want to achieve?” Feng Tian Hen’s eyes were red, as asked through tightly gritted teeth.

    The evil half of his face stuck out his tongue and licked the corner of his lips. “What I want to achieve? Although you and I are originally one and the same, but this young lady….. is not someone you can covet to have.”

    “What did you just say! ? You had better not have any designs on her, or I will not let you off.” Feng Tian Hen said angrily.

    “Haha. Why do you think that you felt such a great sense of familiarity the first time you saw her? Why does your heart yearn for her so much? Because….. those feelings in you are all influenced by my memories.”

    Feng Tian Hen was greatly taken aback.

    “She belongs only to me. In this entire world, no one else has the right to possess her. Except for me, and only I can.” The evil face was sinister and bloodthirsty. “In view of the fact that we share one body, I will not pursue it any further against you. I am satisfied with what you have done today, as any man who lusts for my Qing Qing will suffer a life worse than death.”