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Chapter 171.4 - Bipolar….. Devil

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 171.4: Bipolar….. Devil

    “Today is the day your time is up!”

    An eyebrow raised up on Lou Jun Yao’s face. [Did he hear the man correctly? Did the man….. just say that he came here to kill him?]

    After understanding the man’s intentions, Lou Jun Yao was not able to hold back his laughter, his chest heaving up and down greatly. [Interesting. How many years has it been? He had not thought that he would encounter something so interesting.]

    [Ambushes and assassinations were common happenings in Cloud Heaven but here in this low level lands, it was the very first time it was happening to him.]

    [But he can’t help but wonder, who was it that he had come to hinder?]

    It was probably because the bewilderment on his face was clear to see and the assassin opened his mouth to say helpfully. “If you need to know what to blame this on, then blame it on your own lecherous nature, to dare to covet my Chief’s woman!”

    [Lecherous nature?]


    Lou Jun Yao grew even more curious. “And who might your Chief be?”

    “There is no need for a dead person to know too much!”

    “…..” [And who was the one who brought it up in the first place?]

    The assassin gave a stifled shout and he was already charging forward fiercely in attack. Lou Jun Yao did not make any attempt to dodge, but waited till the assassin came in close before he moved his body slightly to the side, to avoid the ferocious blow that was aimed right at him.

    The assassin’s eyes flashed with a sharp glint, never expecting that his opponent would be as skilled as this, to be able to avoid his attack.

    Realizing that the target would not be easy to deal with, the assassin pulled out a small calabash gourd from his hip and plucked off its stopper. Throwing his head back, he gulped down the contents inside and threw the gourd down to the ground. In an instant, his eyes turned red, and the aura surrounding his body became more powerful.

    Lou Jun Yao’s nose twitched, and he glanced at the gourd on the ground. [This scent….. Wine?]

    “Now die!”

    After consuming the wine, the assassin’s speed became faster, and the power of his attacks became stronger. But in Lou Jun Yao’s eyes, his movements were full of openings, and not worth a mention from him at all.

    He had initially been delighted that he was going to be able to have some fun with the dumb assassin for awhile, but he suddenly sensed the presence of another aura at another place and his eyes narrowed sharply, to shoot out a brilliant violet ray that struck the assassin squarely. His body immediately rocked with violent spasms, before he fell into a dead faint.

    With a flick of his sleeve, the unconscious person lying on the ground disappeared without a trace in a blink.

    In the very next moment, a maliciously evil sounding voice rang out. “You’re truly not someone simple!”

    Lou Jun Yao turned to gaze to look towards the source of his voice. The man in white was someone familiar to him, someone he had seen earlier that day.

    “Feng Tian Hen?”

    The man walked slowly over as he approached, and it was probably due to the overpowering evil aura he exuded was far too contrasting to the person he had met, that caused Lou Jun Yao to knit up his brows to say in a sure tone “You are not Feng Tian Hen.”

    The face was the same, but the difference in their auras was like Heaven and Earth.

    If the Feng Tian Hen that people usually saw was just a nauseating pretentious hypocrite, this manifestation of evil right here must be his true unmasked form, a person that anyone would want to avoid.