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Chapter 172.1 - Only By Killing Him, Will You Be Truly Freed

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 172.1: Only By Killing Him, Will You Be Truly Freed

    The man with an evil smile on his lips moved to come right before Lou Jun Yao in an instant, looking at him right out of the corner of his eye as he asked: “I wonder where our esteemed teacher is from? That last strike the teacher just executed looks like the long lost Eye Ray technique. I would think that this tiny Constellation Continent couldn’t possibly have birthed one as highly skilled as you.”

    A corner of Lou Jun Yao’s lips stiffened. “You’re not someone simple yourself. Pretending to be somewhat human all this time, what made you decide to drop the act?”

    “Pretend?” The man with the evil smile laughed. “I am not pretending. This is the real me.”

    Lou Jun Yao narrowed his eyes. “Just who are you?”

    “Who I am is not important, what’s important is regardless of how capable our esteemed teacher is, you will fall here on this very night.” The man said in an ominous tone. “Although fair ladies will always sought after by gentlemen, but….. It is better that one does not carelessly go touch something that does not belong to them.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes darkened. Hearing those words, a person subconsciously came to his mind. [Is he talking about the little fox?]

    [Just how many pairs of eyes has she attracted?]

    But there was no more time for him to contemplate further. At the moment the man’s voice fell, a strange cackling laughter rang out, and a sinister wind kicked up suddenly. The evil looking man disappeared before Lou Jun Yao’s eyes and in his place, many figures with dishevelled hair and their heads drooping down appeared, several tens of human shaped puppets with stiff hard bodies.

    “I have not used this puppetry technique of mine for many years, and I think it’s great for our esteemed teacher to work up a sweat with.”

    [Puppetry Technique?]

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes deepened. Among the many different kinds of professions throughout the lands, the Puppetry Technique was most rarely seen. Not to mention this was in a low level land, even in Cloud Heaven, there couldn’t possibly be more than five puppeteers.

    Throughout time, people who were puppeteers were all unparalleled experts, able to control any person and excelling in powerful mental attacks. Many a time, highly skilled experts with profound powers of cultivation had also found themselves disadvantaged in a bout against a puppeteer.

    In the eyes of people in the world, a puppeteer was the manifestation of all the evil in the world put in a single body.

    They cultivated in the arts of devilry, using live people as sacrifices and tempering them into weapons impenetrable by blade or spear, impervious to the elemental powers. They were turned into killing machines imbued with lethal poison that knew no exhaustion nor pain, a single puppet capable of battling a hundred on the battlefield.

    Since far ancient times, many imperial families would pay heavenly prices to recruit puppeteers, getting them to create puppets with unmatchable powers to do their bidding. When two kingdoms engaged in war, just those puppets alone would allow them to gain victory without having to lose a single foot soldier.

    But as Puppetry was just too heinously evil, during a highly tumultuous incident of great calamity, a mighty pugilist joined forces with the ruler of a powerful kingdom, to embark on a relentless crusade to annihilate these nefarious puppeteers, wiping out the entire Puppeteers Sect and burned all the texts and manuals relating to the cultivation of Puppetry. An order was then given that any puppeteers discovered henceforth was to be executed without exception!