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Chapter 173.1 - What is His Inner Demon

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 173.1: What is His Inner Demon

    Seeing the blood still seeping out of the wound on that fair skinned palm, Lou Jun Yao quickly took out a square silk handkerchief to wrap around her palm, pressing it down tightly to stem the flow of the blood.

    “What secret technique did you just use to kill all those puppets?” Lou Jun Yao asked as he bandaged up her wound.

    Qing Yu stared at her wrapped hand without saying anything for a moment, and then went on to reply: “I am of the purest bloodline, and my blood is the thing that all evil fear the most.”

    “But that takes a severe strain on your body.” Lou Jun Yao’s brows furrowed up as he looked at the already fair skinned tiny face now showing absolutely no colour in her lips, her cheeks garishly pale, looking very frail.

    “Only my blood is able to resist against the Puppetry Technique.”

    Qing Yu lowered her eyes and having not felt anything up till now, seeming like it was only at this moment that she came to realize it. The agonizing pain in her palm caused her to come back awake and her voice was a soft whisper as she said: “Did you manage to take a good look at the person who executed the Puppetry Technique just now?”

    Lou Jun Yao sensed that she was rather emotional and his face was rather worried as he asked: “I am not sure whether it is him.”

    [That face had clearly been so familiar to him. How could it suddenly change to look so different?]

    [The evil aura that had seeped out right from his bones was impossible to conceal. How did such evil come to appear on a man known to be so gentle and untainted in the slightest, hidden so deeply inside, catching everyone off guard.]

    “That person though his aura and mannerisms were completely different, the face he carried was definitely that of Feng Tian Hen.”

    [No wonder…..]

    [No wonder she had somehow just disliked Feng Tian Hen deep inside her heart. No wonder she had innately felt a strange sense of familiarity about Feng Tian Hen.]

    [So it was really him. He had really been reborn into this world as well.]

    Qing Yu closed her eyes and she unconsciously clenched her injured hand up tightly. The wound split open and bright red blood soaked through the hanky.

    “What are you doing? Do you not want the use of that hand anymore?” Lou Jun Yao held on her wrist and pried her fingers open. The wound that had finally closed now split open again, the grisly red blood horrifying to see.

    The look on Lou Jun Yao’s face turned an ugly shade. “Do you have any medicine to stop the bleeding?”

    “I’m fine. It will close up after awhile.” Qing Yu said softly.

    She possessed an amazing flame element in her body and she had strong self healing powers. Although the wound was rather frightening to look at which would take most people ten days to two weeks to heal, she would need just two days to make a complete recovery.

    Lou Jun Yao merely took it as she was pretending to be strong about it and his brows knitted up before he summoned up his spirit energy to help her stem the bleeding. The wound immediately shrank by quite a bit, leaving a shallow looking scar.

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes and looked up at him in surprise.