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Chapter 174.2 - Foolish Girl, It Has Always Only Been Just You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 174.2: Foolish Girl, It Has Always Only Been Just You

    Ming Yi Yi who always bundled herself up like it was perpetually winter had finally taken off her hick fox fur cape during this winter.

    When Ming Jing opened his room door, he saw the young girl standing there with a grin on her face, and it was probably because of the chill wind that blew over her face, her cheeks were rosy red, looking highly adorable. “Big Brother.”

    Ming Jing was taken aback a moment before he noticed how thinly dressed the young girl was. His face immediately turned dark and he took off his own cape to cover it over the girl. “Why did you come out wearing so little?”

    Ming Yi Yi watched how anxious he was being, her rosy cheeked face looking a little bashful. “Big Brother, I am not feeling cold. I will not be so afraid of the cold like before anymore.”

    Ming Jing was stunned for a while. “What do you mean?”

    The corners of Ming Yi Yi’s lips lifted slightly, revealing two adorable dimples on her cheeks. “My illness has been cured. Qing Yu has rooted out the cold poison in my body, and I will not fall sick so easily anymore as my health gradually improves.”

    Ming Jing’s body stiffened and the expression on his good looking countenance looked a little foolish for the first time. His hands were trembling slightly as he held the young girl by her shoulders. “Is that….. really true? Yi Yi, you’ve really been cured…..”

    It’s true.” MIng Yi Yi nodded with a smile, her soft hands gently holding the young man’s face. “Big Brother, everything will turn out fine. Look, I will be sixteen after this new year and all those quack doctors said that I will not make it till my coming of age. Those were all just lies. Yi Yi will continue to live and will always be by Big Brother’s side.”

    Ming Jing’s body stiffened up even more.

    His thoughts recalled back to the morning of the welcoming meet for all the new recruits when the young girl had come to appear right before him, obstinate and stubborn as she stared into his eyes.

    And had said those….. Incredulous words.

    [Big Brother, I like you. I have liked you so much since I was very young. Can you wait for me? Can you wait till my illness is cured and we can then be together?]

    [Big Brother, I will not die. I want to forever stay by your side, so can you not like anyone else?]

    For as long as he could remember, Yi Yi had always followed behind him, her eyes filled with trust, love and reliance, like he was a hero she had always worshipped. But never had he thought that things were not the same as what he had thought they were, but even at such a young age, the young lass had already been thinking of marrying him when she grew up.

    After he came to know that Ming Yi Yi had left the Soul Cultivators Tribe and crossed thousands of miles to come look for him at the Faint Mist Sect, his heart had felt both anger and pain for the young girl.

    He was angry at those people who dared to bully and oppress her when he was not there.

    Pained because the little princess he had carefully doted on and treasured in the palm of his hand who had never endured such suffering was made to sleep and eat under the harsh open skies, forced to face countless dangers throughout the journey, and all of it had been because of him.

    The foolish little lass had always thought that he did not know anything, but he knew better than anyone deep down in his heart.