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Chapter 174.4 - Foolish Girl, It Has Always Only Been Just You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 174.4: Foolish Girl, It Has Always Only Been Just You

    “Anyway, he was injured by you and he would probably not appear for a while.” Qing Ye Li said as he gazed fixedly upon the young lady’s face. “Promise me this. No matter what, you must not let the tragedy from the previous life repeat itself. You have me, and many other friends, or maybe even that man. All of us are able to help you and so in order to keep yourself safe, it wouldn’t matter even if some of us are sacrificed in times of need.”

    “Little Ye, the biggest difference between me and Qing Tian Lin is that in order to attain his objectives, he is able to give up anything, but I cannot. From the way I see it, the greatest meaning of my existence is to protect the people I care about. Just to see them remain safe and happy and I will be content.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes were serious as she looked at the man. The man’s dark green eyes stared back at her with disapproval, like he was not going to give in.

    Until the young lady’s narrow eyes grew red tinged and her lips parted slightly: “I do not wish to see so many people fall to the ground because of me. Back then, I had nightmares for an entire month and my dreams were all filled with how everyone died. Everytime I think back about it, I am still unable to forgive myself.”

    “But you killed him in the end didn’t you?” Qing Ye Li asked in a deep voice.

    Probably no one else knew better than Qing Ye Li just how important a position Qing Tian Lin took in Qing Yu’s heart.

    Qing Tian Lin was once the person who treated her the best, but was also the person who hurt her the most.

    Nothing was more agonizing than when a person comes to discover that someone whom you have sincerely given your entire heart to was just filled with endless lies and plotting nefarious schemes against you in the end.

    Qing Yu laughed softly. She raised her eyes to look at the man’s brows that were furrowed up in worry before she said: “He brought harm upon so many people and he will have to pay the price sooner or later. This is a debt in karma and….. let me be the one to end it once and for all.”

    The resolve and determination in her eyes sparkled like something Qing Ye Li had never seen before, the fervour seemingly scorching his heart.

    — Gathered Cloud Loft —

    “How? Any news of that person?” Lou Jun Yao asked in a leisurely voice as he glanced lazily at the man.

    Ling Shu gave a big sleepy yawn. “Among the White Fen Lands’ Four Great Families, there seemed to be a common born descendant named Feng Tian Hen from the Feng Family, but it could very well be just a coincidence that they merely share the same exact name.”

    Have you looked into this person’s character traits, personality, and his achievements?”

    Ling Shu rolled his eyes. “Do I even need to look into that? Since he is of common birth, then he must surely be a regular nobody without any outstanding achievements and largely unnoticed by his family. You must have known how clearly the Four Great Families segregates their descendants between those of noble and common birth, much more stringent than people in the Constellation Lands, which basically renders those of common birth to have no way of standing out over any others.”

    Lou Jun Yao then clicked his tongue before he said: “But from what I know, not only has this Feng Tian Hen attained deep and unfathomable cultivation, he carries himself with extraordinary flair. Moreover, he is adept in the Puppetry Technique so he cannot be just some nobody of common stock.”

    Ling Shu raised an eyebrow. “Then there are only two possibilities for that. Either he has been hiding a light under a bushel and has been pretending to be a fool all this time or this Feng Tian Hen you are talking about is actually an impostor. The information I have gathered about the man clearly says that he is just an unremarkable disciple of common birth.”