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Chapter 175.1 - Want To Bring You Home

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 175.1: Want To Bring You Home

    “Something must have gone wrong someplace. Go look into it more carefully and see whether there’s anything strange with Feng Tian Hen in the past recent years.” Lou Jun Yao’s eyes grew profound. “If I am not wrong, this Feng Tian Hen in the Faint Mist Sect is that Feng Tian Hen from the White Fen Lands and he is definitely not just any ordinary man.”

    Ling Shu looked at the man quizzically. “Why are you suddenly showing so much interest in this man? Has he offended you? ?”

    Lou Jun Yao curved up his lips in a faint smile. “He hasn’t offended me, but I have merely become his imaginary enemy.”

    “Imaginary enemy?” Ling Shu did not understand.

    “Mm. That fella is interested in the little fox and coincidentally, the little fox is rather close to me, so he then wants to kill me.” Lou Jun Yao explained.

    Ling Shu burst out in laughter and it went on for a long while, unable to stop. Not until a certain person’s slightly narrowed eyes turned onto him, that he immediately found himself unable to laugh. “To think the Great Dark Lord of Cloud Heaven had an assassin come after his life for such a reason. That is really surprising.”

    Lou Jun Yao laughed scoffingly but did not respond to the man.

    However, Ling Shu then came leaning in close and said softly in a sly tone: “On the other hand, do you really have no interest in that little lass? You are always so highly concerned about her affairs, I think it rather impossible if you say you’re not the least bit interested.”

    Lou Jun Yao glanced at the man dismissively. “When did you become so gossipy?”

    “Heh heh, I am just being concerned with out Dark Lord’s other significant half and was trying to see if you have fallen for this little lass. I heard from Bai Zhi Yan that you got yourself injured a few times because of her but the young lady did not know anything about it at all.”

    “She does not need to know about such things.” Lou Jun Yao said in an indifferent tone. “I am indebted to Aunt Lan and it is merely reasonable that I watch over her descendants.”

    Ling Shu’s face broke into a mischievous smile. “Is that really the case? Why do I feel that you’ve gone beyond just watching over the young lady…..”

    In the end, he had not managed to lean in close to the man when he found himself pushed back with a slap of the man’s palm. “Go back to sleep if you still have not come awake. Make sure you do not mess the serious things up.”


    [Ooh, guessed what was on his mind and he’s hiding his embarrassment with anger!]

    [Serve you right that the little lass still do not like you. What a waste of that flawlessly good looking face.]


    “Qing Yu, I will be going back home in a few days. Will you and Qing Bei want to go back with me to the Mu Family over the new year?” Mu Lai asked suddenly leaping up behind the window opposite, looking at her as she leaned over the window sill.

    The Duke of Eternal Peace Manor was a place that Qing Yu did not feel the slightest bit of emotional attachment towards at all as she had grown up in there living amongst all kinds of devious scheming and oppression from the servants in the manor. Even her father Yan Su was not real and after she made the decision to come to the Faint Mist Sect, she had absolutely no intention of going back there anymore.

    Mu Lai was more or less aware of her situation and she sympathized with the pair of siblings. Moreover, Qing Yu was a few years younger than her which made Mu Lai feel like caring for her a little more.