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Chapter 175.2 - Want To Bring You Home

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 175.2: Want To Bring You Home

    Although it couldn’t be said that it was all that peaceful back at her home at the Mu Family, it was still a lot better than Qing Yu’s situation. At least she had a father who treated her rather well.

    Mu Lai was an exceptionally righteous and warmhearted lady and although people who did not know her well felt that she was unapproachable, an arrogant and cold woman who looks down on others, people who came to walk into her heart would discover that she was someone who would share everything she had with them, without holding back in the slightest.

    Qing Yu looked at the young woman’s bright eyes that had “Just agree to it” written all over it and she could not help but curve her lips up into a smile. “That would bring you quite a bit of inconvenience so Little Bei and I will just remain here in the Faint Mist Sect. It’s only five days anyway and just the journey back and forth alone will take up two days already.”

    Mu Lai creased up her brows, looking a little disappointed. “But I would really like to have you come and my father is also rather keen on meeting our little genius healer here.”

    “We’ll meet when the opportunity arises. You’re going back there because you miss home and I can be carefree and worry free by remaining here, so I’ll not be going with you.” Qing Yu said with a reassuring smile, before tossing an exquisite red and gold porcelain bottle to the woman. “Which also makes me wonder if your father is feeling better already. Help me give this to your father by way of sending my greetings and take it as a gift from me for the new year. It’s just a small token.”

    Mu Lai caught it and asked in surprise: “What is it?”

    As she spoke, she had already reached her hand out to remove the stopper and a scent came wafting out from the bottle. Mu Lai’s eyes then widened in disbelief. “This is…..”

    “Mm. I refined a batch of elixirs a few days ago and these two Heart Nurturing Elixirs are the only two that were successfully cultivated. I had not thought that the success rate would be so low and a good amount of herbs were wasted.” Qing Yu said looking rather perplexed.

    Mu Lai’s face then became even more shocked. “You only refined one single batch?”

    Qing Yu nodded and then replied: “I sure did. Just one batch and I already wasted so much expensive herbs. If I were to do a few more batches, all those herbs I would have wasted put together would be able to buy at least half the Faint Mist Sect.”

    “So you are saying that you succeeded in cultivating Heart Nurturing Elixirs on your very first try? ?”

    [Heavens! How is that even possible! ?]

    Heart Nurturing Elixirs are eighth level superior garde elixirs and one must at least be a superior grade Elixir Cultivator of the gold level before one can refine such an elixir. If a person of insufficient level were to forcibly attempt to cultivate them, not only will they not get the desired result, they might even damage their very power essence.

    More importantly, just like what Qing Yu said, the success rate for the Heart Nurturing Elixir was extremely low, only at a mere five percent, which also means that only five out of a hundred batches could possibly even have a chance of succeeding.

    [And that lass produced two at her very first try? And she was even complaining that the success rate is too low? ?]

    [She probably does not know just what a monster she is!]

    [Even high leveled Elixir Cultivators with abundant experience might not be as lucky as she has been.]

    [She must have been born to exist exactly as what an Elixir Cultivator is to be.]